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Toggle check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category
1651FeatureNewHighFind all in current file with standard CTRL+F shortcutMiroslav Fidler02/24/2017 06:16 PMIDE
1641FeatureNewNormalRectangular selected could work with backspaceMiroslav Fidler02/10/2017 04:10 PMCtrlLib
1622FeatureNewNormalLayout designer should have crlf / lf / autodetection logicMiroslav Fidler01/27/2017 08:24 PMIDE
1616FeatureNewHighRichText should support content featureMiroslav Fidler01/21/2017 12:27 PMRichText
1614FeatureNewNormalCoWork could have Cancel01/17/2017 12:07 PM
1612FeatureNewNormalImprove BitsMiroslav Fidler01/13/2017 08:39 AM
1604FeatureIn ProgressNormalStreamlined and corrected CodeEditor bar size and positionscbpporter cbpporter01/18/2017 03:40 PMCodeEditor
1596FeatureNewNormalPrinterJob batch mode01/02/2017 10:14 AM
1595FeatureReady for QANormalOne should offer Get method alternate to ~ operatorZbigniew Rebacz02/22/2017 09:32 AMCore
1593FeatureReady for QANormalMakeOne for creating One objectZbigniew Rebacz02/21/2017 11:38 AMCore
1578FeatureNewNormalIn .sch file, only S_ structs should be displayed in navigator (not SqlId declarations)11/18/2016 11:33 AM
1575FeatureNewNormalAdd fine-grained diff by coolmanMiroslav Fidler11/16/2016 11:30 PMIDE
1573FeatureNewNormalCodeEditor should allow to find all occurrences of given text11/15/2016 11:10 AMCodeEditor
1559FeatureNewNormalSvn history could detect last revision and use local pristine copyMiroslav Fidler10/20/2016 08:48 PMIDE
1499FeatureNewNormalRemaining TODO list of new CoreMiroslav Fidler02/05/2017 11:20 AMCore
1489FeatureNewNormalEncodeHTML could support embedded images for simpler operations.07/01/2016 09:49 AM
1473FeatureNewNormalDbus support for linuxZbigniew Rebacz01/23/2017 10:12 PMCtrlCore
1471FeatureNewNormalImplement 404 site for uppweb06/18/2016 11:31 AMWebsite
1470FeatureNewLowHighlight deprecated parameters in [[annotation]]06/11/2016 06:12 PMCodeEditor
1462FeatureNewLowFile Categories should be crated from config file05/29/2016 07:52 PMIDE
1460FeatureNewNormalDisable arraty shuold change paper color02/05/2017 11:21 AMCtrlLib
1440FeatureNewNormalThreads can have names05/03/2016 07:41 PMCore
1433FeatureNewNormalSyntax highlight for Objective-CZbigniew Rebacz04/26/2016 10:49 PMCodeEditor
1428FeatureNewNormalSVN Synchronize: option to disable nest04/24/2016 11:48 AM
1420FeatureNewNormalide: Find pane should resize search fields04/20/2016 10:30 AM

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