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03:10 PM U++ Bug #1650 (New): TreeCtrl set does not update the scroll rect
Calling Set(int id, Value k, Value v) (and potentially TreeCtrl::Set(int id, Value v); did not test) in such a way th...


03:40 PM U++ Feature #1604: Streamlined and corrected CodeEditor bar size and positions
Miroslav Fidler wrote:
> I appears that proposed patch is using 'fixed' number of pixels in most places. Also it app...


04:43 PM U++ Feature #1604 (In Progress): Streamlined and corrected CodeEditor bar size and positions
Just simply dropping a CodeEditor somewhere and setting up the correct properties can often lead to elements like cha...


12:33 PM U++ Feature #1601 (Approved): CParser nested comment support
12:24 PM U++ Bug #1600 (Approved): CParser::IsNumber can return wrong result
CParser::IsNumber takes a base parameter, so I interpreted the function as being designed as "is the contents of the ...
11:50 AM U++ Feature #1599 (Approved): Small addition to TabBar
When designing GUIs, a lot of small frames and spacing is used for aesthetics.
You often create a "border" of inde...
11:40 AM U++ Bug #1598 (Approved): TabBar middle mouse tab close bug
Using the middle mouse in TabCtrl closes a tab, as expected.
But, tab closing + CancelCloseis often used for promp...

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