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1375BugNewNormalWrong postgresql include in many linux distrosMiroslav Fidler01/30/2016 01:01 PMSqlJan Dolinár
1372BugApprovedNormalTheIDE fails to compile with NOGTK flagJan Dolinár01/27/2016 09:54 AMIDEJan Dolinár
1317BugApprovedNormalBroken ubuntu buildsJan Dolinár11/02/2015 03:56 AMIDEJan Dolinár
1278TaskApprovedNormalUpgrade theide on uppboxMiroslav Fidler10/04/2015 03:25 PMJan Dolinár
1217FeatureApprovedNormalGenerated makefile should create build_info.hMiroslav Fidler08/21/2015 11:48 AMIDEJan Dolinár
1129BugApprovedNormalDetached LocalProcess becomes zombieMiroslav Fidler06/22/2015 06:19 AMCoreJan Dolinár
1123BugApprovedNormalHandlers with ** work incorrectlyMiroslav Fidler11/01/2015 11:23 PMSkylarkJan Dolinár
1050BugApprovedNormalFunction to access request contentJan Dolinár08/27/2015 08:26 AMSkylarkJan Dolinár
1044BugApprovedNormalMinor bugs in static files handlingMiroslav Fidler05/04/2015 01:03 PMSkylarkJan Dolinár
1028FeatureApprovedLowFunction-like templatesMiroslav Fidler05/04/2015 01:25 PMSkylarkJan Dolinár
900BugApprovedHighC++11 support broken in GCC 4.9.1Miroslav Fidler10/12/2014 02:14 PMCoreJan Dolinár
851BugApprovedLowTheIDE fails to compile on Ubuntu 10.04Jan Dolinár09/16/2014 08:12 AMJan Dolinár
815BugApprovedNormalCommit 7542 breaks TheIDE compilation with GCCJan Dolinár07/29/2014 08:40 AMIDEJan Dolinár
804BugApprovedNormalFind#Replace changes break TheIDE compilation on LinuxJan Dolinár07/07/2014 11:51 AMIDEJan Dolinár
795BugApprovedNormalRevision 7461 breaks TheIDE on GCCJan Dolinár06/24/2014 05:07 PMIDEJan Dolinár
768BugApprovedNormalProblem with "//" in Ini parserJan Dolinár05/16/2014 08:29 AMCoreJan Dolinár
760FeatureApprovedNormalMake AutoTest more portable + Watchdog supportMiroslav Fidler04/28/2014 05:39 PMGeneralJan Dolinár
725BugApprovedNormalgdk_screen_get_primary_monitor only works with GTK>=2.19.2Miroslav Fidler05/16/2014 08:20 AMCtrlCoreJan Dolinár
662BugApprovedNormalRichEdit compilation fails with GCCMiroslav Fidler01/25/2014 08:27 AMRichEditJan Dolinár
653BugApprovedNormalCompilation fails with freetype >= 2.5.1Jan Dolinár01/27/2014 04:52 PMDrawJan Dolinár
623BugApprovedNormalHtmlParaStyle produces invalid CSSMiroslav Fidler01/06/2014 04:44 PMRichTextJan Dolinár
620BugApprovedLowUndefined variables in GtkKeysJan Dolinár03/10/2014 01:16 PMCtrlCoreJan Dolinár
617BugApprovedLowLRUCache::GetFoundSize always returns zeroJan Dolinár03/10/2014 01:16 PMCoreJan Dolinár
612BugApprovedHighRecent changes break Core/z.cppJan Dolinár12/19/2013 08:03 AMCoreJan Dolinár
576BugApprovedNormalError in CodeEditorJan Dolinár12/01/2013 09:46 AMCodeEditorJan Dolinár

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