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Toggle check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Author
2159BugApprovedNormalText in TheIDE console is divided with very short chunks (Regression)Zbigniew Rebacz03/13/2021 01:04 PMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
2153BugApprovedUrgentStrange artifacts in documentationMiroslav Fidler03/12/2021 06:46 PMWebsiteZbigniew Rebacz
2142BugRejectedUrgentHeader file doesn't display documentation rectangle (IDE, CodeEditor)Miroslav Fidler02/15/2021 01:13 AMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
2139BugApprovedHighTreeCtrl doesn't respect left click (TheIDE help)Zbigniew Rebacz01/20/2021 10:17 PMCtrlLibZbigniew Rebacz
2137BugApprovedNormalTheIDE doesn't work on macOS 11.1Miroslav Fidler02/18/2021 09:51 AMmacOSZbigniew Rebacz
2133BugApprovedHighCrash in CoreTutorial (Value2.cpp - Debug Mode)Zbigniew Rebacz01/03/2021 08:40 AMCoreZbigniew Rebacz
2118DocumentationApprovedNormalUppHub requires documentation before releaseZbigniew Rebacz02/02/2021 10:18 AMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
2117BugApprovedNormalSettings layout issues after UppHub developmentZbigniew Rebacz12/17/2020 01:00 PMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
2096BugApprovedHighDropList can not be closed on macOS by clicking on window empty areaZbigniew Rebacz02/26/2021 06:31 PMCtrlCoreZbigniew Rebacz
2092FeatureApprovedNormalCodeEditor should display all C++20 keywordsMiroslav Fidler10/30/2020 10:25 AMCodeEditorZbigniew Rebacz
2076TaskApprovedNormalNative tooltips colors for GTK3Zbigniew Rebacz12/18/2020 04:54 PMCtrlLibZbigniew Rebacz
1718DocumentationApprovedNormalCreate "Macro manager" documentationZbigniew Rebacz10/22/2020 12:50 AMDocumentationZbigniew Rebacz


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