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Toggle check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Author
1337BugApprovedNormalHiDPI FontInfo problemMiroslav Fidler11/17/2015 07:50 AMDrawZbigniew Rebacz
1331FeatureRejectedNormalPOSIX source distributions should allow build in multithread modeZbigniew Rebacz11/18/2015 03:01 PMZbigniew Rebacz
1322BugApprovedNormalcpp: Assist C++11 issue11/05/2015 08:34 AMMiroslav Fidler
1321BugApprovedNormalScrollbar in upp template dosen't workMiroslav Fidler11/17/2015 07:50 AMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
1313BugApprovedNormalide: Alt+C issue with typedef10/28/2015 09:15 AMAssist++Miroslav Fidler
1310BugApprovedNormalide: Standard GDB debugger panes should close automatically after succesfull debugZbigniew Rebacz10/28/2015 04:03 PMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
1309BugApprovedNormalide: Standard GDB debugger - same menu commands as pdb10/28/2015 07:48 PMDebuggerMiroslav Fidler
1307FeatureApprovedNormalide: Standard GDB debugger - Detail tree10/31/2015 09:15 PMDebuggerMiroslav Fidler
1306BugApprovedNormalide: PDB debugger improvementMiroslav Fidler10/27/2015 07:06 AMDebuggerMiroslav Fidler
1300BugApprovedNormalcpp: Missing function in assist10/30/2015 09:31 AMMiroslav Fidler
1298BugRejectedNormalMisplaced spaces/tabs should be disable for .diff filesZbigniew Rebacz10/23/2015 12:14 AMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
1295BugApprovedNormalide/install: mingw32-openssl, consider mingw6410/26/2015 02:19 PMMiroslav Fidler
1294BugApprovedNormalcpp: Assist++ now working (maybe, check)11/06/2015 02:47 PMMiroslav Fidler
1291BugApprovedNormalide: Environment setting tabs should react immediatelly, "grouping" does not work well11/06/2015 07:49 PMMiroslav Fidler
1290BugApprovedNormalide: Parameter highlight broken with ',' constant10/24/2015 12:38 PMMiroslav Fidler
1277BugApprovedNormalide: log Highlight some more words - ok, status, success09/25/2015 02:03 PMMiroslav Fidler
1275FeatureApprovedNormalide usvn: avoid svn clicks on listMiroslav Fidler09/27/2015 03:53 PMIDEMiroslav Fidler
1271BugApprovedLowWrong title in edit image dialogMiroslav Fidler09/16/2015 10:22 PMIconDesZbigniew Rebacz
1269BugApprovedNormalqtf: Keep with next does not work well09/18/2015 05:09 PMMiroslav Fidler
1268BugApprovedLow#include <float.h> cause problems in CodeEditor and Assist++Zbigniew Rebacz09/20/2015 11:06 PMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
1264FeatureApprovedNormalXmlNode should have begin/end (for auto)09/13/2015 10:52 PMCoreMiroslav Fidler
1220FeatureApprovedNormalAdd "New package.." entry in PackageMenuMiroslav Fidler11/03/2015 12:12 AMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
1152BugApprovedLowFormat setup" is not precise window title for "Enviroment..Miroslav Fidler11/03/2015 12:10 AMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
1051BugApprovedNormalIDE - add release informationMiroslav Fidler12/02/2015 12:48 PMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
1046FeatureApprovedLowIDE: Set main package could have default shortcutMiroslav Fidler11/03/2015 12:14 AMIDEZbigniew Rebacz


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