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2026FeatureApprovedNormalRichText: Use MT in Object Rescale07/01/2020 10:24 AMMiroslav Fidler
2046FeatureNewNormalTabBar: Added features and fixesMiroslav Fidler06/27/2020 01:27 AMTabBarIñaki Zabala
2037FeatureApprovedNormalide: After renaming package, renamed package should be selected06/16/2020 06:22 PMMiroslav Fidler
2043FeatureApprovedNormalide: Insert file could have some types predefined06/16/2020 06:21 PMMiroslav Fidler
2044FeatureApprovedNormalmemset12806/16/2020 05:05 PMMiroslav Fidler
2041FeatureRejectedNormalUMK: Add "target platform" option06/10/2020 03:38 PMUMKSender Ghost
2029FeatureApprovedNormalPainter optimization06/05/2020 01:48 PMMiroslav Fidler
2038FeatureNewNormalImprove autotest06/01/2020 02:15 PMMiroslav Fidler
806FeatureNewNormalAssist++ could support programing languages keywordsMiroslav Fidler05/24/2020 12:48 PMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
1894FeatureNewNormalOne should support custom deletersMiroslav Fidler05/24/2020 12:48 PMCoreZbigniew Rebacz
1877FeatureNewNormalReturning Tuple that contains Vector should be possibleMiroslav Fidler05/24/2020 12:48 PMCoreZbigniew Rebacz
1460FeatureNewNormalDisable arraty shuold change paper color05/24/2020 12:48 PMCtrlLibZbigniew Rebacz
1440FeatureNewNormalThreads can have names05/24/2020 12:48 PMCoreZbigniew Rebacz
1378FeatureNewNormalFileSel could offer manual path edit05/24/2020 12:48 PMCtrlLibZbigniew Rebacz
1351FeatureNewLowIf separator is close it can move whole groupMiroslav Fidler05/24/2020 12:48 PMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
1302FeaturePatch readyNormalRichEdit could support nonprintable characters conceptMiroslav Fidler05/24/2020 12:48 PMRichEditZbigniew Rebacz
1174FeatureNewNormalCore: Consider Win32 issue with orphaned processes05/24/2020 12:48 PMCoreMiroslav Fidler
1813FeatureNewNormalReport a bug - improve05/24/2020 12:44 PMIDEMiroslav Fidler
1719FeaturePatch readyHighAdd STARTTLS support to SMTPMiroslav Fidler05/24/2020 12:44 PMCoreZbigniew Rebacz
1376FeatureNewNormalAlternate real number formatters must be refactoredMiroslav Fidler05/24/2020 12:44 PMCoreMiroslav Fidler
816FeatureNewNormalHandle resolution change event on all existing backends05/24/2020 12:44 PMCtrlCoreZbigniew Rebacz
2025FeatureApprovedNormalLineTracker05/13/2020 04:34 PMMiroslav Fidler
2028FeatureApprovedNormalOptimize RectTracker Refresh05/13/2020 04:34 PMMiroslav Fidler
2032FeatureApprovedNormalUse pkg-config for mysql, odbc, pq05/10/2020 05:46 PMMiroslav Fidler
2030FeatureApprovedNormalCore: Optimize Peek/Poke/Stream to work betten with armhf05/08/2020 04:41 PMMiroslav Fidler

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