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2038FeatureNewNormalImprove autotest06/01/2020 02:15 PMMiroslav Fidler
2037FeatureNewNormalide: After renaming package, renamed package should be selected05/27/2020 04:05 PMMiroslav Fidler
2032FeatureApprovedNormalUse pkg-config for mysql, odbc, pq05/10/2020 05:46 PMMiroslav Fidler
2030FeatureApprovedNormalCore: Optimize Peek/Poke/Stream to work betten with armhf05/08/2020 04:41 PMMiroslav Fidler
2029FeatureNewNormalPainter optimization04/28/2020 12:02 AMMiroslav Fidler
2028FeatureApprovedNormalOptimize RectTracker Refresh05/13/2020 04:34 PMMiroslav Fidler
2027FeatureApprovedNormalreference/CoWorkLoop05/01/2020 10:36 AMMiroslav Fidler
2026FeatureNewNormalRichText: Use MT in Object Rescale04/25/2020 10:26 AMMiroslav Fidler
2025FeatureApprovedNormalLineTracker05/13/2020 04:34 PMMiroslav Fidler
2024FeatureNewNormalide: Output mode additional flags04/23/2020 04:53 PMMiroslav Fidler
2023FeatureNewNormalMSSQL: WhenReconnect04/13/2020 01:37 PMSqlMiroslav Fidler
2008FeatureApprovedNormalIconDesigner could show UHD scaled icon tooMiroslav Fidler01/27/2020 04:35 PMIDEMiroslav Fidler
2005FeatureApprovedNormalCore: Add timeout to Semaphore and ConditionVariable01/23/2020 06:35 PMMiroslav Fidler
2003FeatureRejectedNormalide: Remove assemblies that have missing folders01/22/2020 02:09 PMMiroslav Fidler
1998FeatureApprovedNormalWin .lnk support in filesel11/04/2019 03:53 PMCtrlLibMiroslav Fidler
1993FeaturePatch readyNormalIde/Builders: U++ builder for clang-tidyMiroslav Fidler02/24/2020 09:18 PMIDESender Ghost
1992FeatureApprovedNormalIconDes: Line endings support for image designerSender Ghost10/09/2019 02:25 PMIconDesSender Ghost
1990FeatureApprovedNormalide/LayDes: Line endings support for layout designerSender Ghost10/09/2019 02:24 PMIDESender Ghost
1989FeatureApprovedNormalide: Scroll position should have priority over cursor10/04/2019 02:40 PMMiroslav Fidler
1988FeatureApprovedNormalIde: Copy Move package to11/04/2019 06:45 PMMiroslav Fidler
1985FeatureNewNormalImprove DateTimeCtrl09/12/2019 01:40 PMMiroslav Fidler
1983FeatureNewNormalPasting image to slack08/30/2019 08:19 AMMiroslav Fidler
1980FeatureApprovedNormalide: Multiple search panes (e.g. 2 or 3)01/30/2020 05:48 PMMiroslav Fidler
1976FeatureApprovedNormalDropList initializer_list support would be niceMiroslav Fidler07/17/2019 09:46 PMMiroslav Fidler
1975FeatureApprovedNormalDebugger could have buttons to move through stack (instead of clicking on droplist)07/18/2019 11:19 PMMiroslav Fidler

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