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1982TaskApprovedNormalTheIDE: Stack forward/backward should be disabled when application is running + missing tooltipZbigniew Rebacz08/29/2019 07:25 PMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
1974TaskApprovedNormalFix warnings on macOS (Clang) - 10.07.2019Zbigniew Rebacz09/09/2019 02:47 PMGeneralZbigniew Rebacz
1944TaskApprovedHighFix compilation warnings on macOS with clang as a compilerMiroslav Fidler02/17/2020 05:32 PMMac OS XZbigniew Rebacz
1936TaskApprovedNormalCompiling upp with GCC version 8.2.1 causing many warningsZbigniew Rebacz03/24/2019 01:03 PMCoreZbigniew Rebacz
1901TaskRejectedHighReplace GUI_APP_MAIN_HOOK with something more polishedMiroslav Fidler09/21/2018 09:40 AMCtrlCoreZbigniew Rebacz
1897TaskApprovedNormalRemove "using namespace Upp" from Core/Inet.hMiroslav Fidler09/19/2018 02:32 PMCoreZbigniew Rebacz
1747TaskApprovedNormalMacroManager should allow import, export (global operations) and edit (local operation) through tree barZbigniew Rebacz06/22/2017 10:52 PMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
1654TaskApprovedNormalLinux install process should set C++14 instead of 11 in .bm for the next versionZbigniew Rebacz04/02/2017 08:31 PMGeneralMiroslav Fidler
1652TaskApprovedNormalTheIDE Run dialog should be made sizeablecbpporter cbpporter03/14/2017 11:50 AMIDEcbpporter cbpporter
1648TaskApprovedNormaluppsrc/plugin/z: Update to 1.2.11 versionMiroslav Fidler02/26/2017 09:41 AMGeneralSender Ghost
1647TaskApprovedNormaluppsrc/plugin/sqlite3: Update to 3.17.0 versionMiroslav Fidler02/25/2017 04:45 PMGeneralSender Ghost
1610TaskApprovedHighSolve flag problems in Android BuilderZbigniew Rebacz04/29/2017 09:41 PMAndroidZbigniew Rebacz
1591TaskApprovedHighUpdate toolchain on windowsMiroslav Fidler02/22/2017 09:32 AMGeneralZbigniew Rebacz
1552TaskApprovedNormalAdd DeQtf documentationZbigniew Rebacz10/14/2016 01:33 PMDocumentationZbigniew Rebacz
1526TaskRejectedNormalConsider chaning Find File default shortcutZbigniew Rebacz01/25/2017 11:48 PMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
1448TaskRejectedNormalRestore documentation for RGBA and PrimitiveTypes (Deleted in 9809 revision)Zbigniew Rebacz05/21/2016 01:47 PMDocumentationZbigniew Rebacz
1434TaskApprovedNormalImageBuffer doc - Links to classes dosen't work (Point Size etc).Zbigniew Rebacz05/01/2016 11:59 AMDocumentationZbigniew Rebacz
1393TaskApprovedNormalFix dead links05/24/2020 12:48 PMWebsiteZbigniew Rebacz
1361TaskApprovedNormalAndroid manifest generation in upt should have tab indentationsMiroslav Fidler01/16/2016 08:03 AMAndroidZbigniew Rebacz
1336TaskApprovedNormalSearch on this site should be avaliable when forum is selectedZbigniew Rebacz12/11/2017 01:59 PMWebsiteZbigniew Rebacz
1335TaskApprovedNormalNightly builds can be organize in table on website11/22/2015 11:18 PMWebsiteZbigniew Rebacz
1278TaskApprovedNormalUpgrade theide on uppboxMiroslav Fidler10/04/2015 03:25 PMJan Dolinár
992TaskApprovedNormalUpdate copyright to 2015Miroslav Fidler02/24/2015 12:59 PMGeneralZbigniew Rebacz
953TaskApprovedNormalRemove "using namespace Upp" from Pop3.hMiroslav Fidler01/02/2015 04:00 PMCoreZbigniew Rebacz
845TaskRejectedLowGet right of "Wparentheses" warningsZbigniew Rebacz02/16/2015 09:01 PMGeneralZbigniew Rebacz

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