Bug #1052

RichEdit::Print() fails when RichEdit is Floating()

Added by IƱaki Zabala almost 9 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:05/05/2015
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Assignee:Miroslav Fidler% Done:


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When printing RichEdit(), if Floating() is set, print is shifted to the middle of the page.

How to test:
- Open UWord and add editor.Floating(1); in UWord constructor
- Writ something and press Print

RichEdit::Print() calls UPP::Print() with pagesz. Unfortunately when calling Floating(), RichEdit::Layout() does a SetPage() with cy = INT_MAX , so RichEdit::Print() shifts the printing.

Quick and dirty solution:
Set return UPP::Print(text, Size(3968, 6074)/*pagesz*/, cursorc.page); in RichEdit::Print()

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