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Update plugin/sqlite3 to newer 3.7.8 version

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There is new SQLite 3.7.8 release version with following changes:
2011 September 19 (3.7.8)

  • Orders of magnitude performance improvement for CREATE INDEX on very large tables.
  • Improved the windows VFS to better defend against interference from anti-virus software.
  • Improved query plan optimization when the DISTINCT keyword is present.
  • Allow more system calls to be overridden in the unix VFS - to provide better support for chromium sandboxes.
  • Increase the default size of a lookahead cache line from 100 to 128 bytes.
  • Enhancements to the test_quota.c module so that it can track preexisting files.
  • Bug fix: Virtual tables now handle IS NOT NULL constraints correctly.
  • Bug fixes: Correctly handle nested correlated subqueries used with indices in a WHERE clause.
  • SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2011-09-19 14:49:19 3e0da808d2f5b4d12046e05980ca04578f581177"
  • SHA1 for sqlite3.c: bfcd74a655636b592c5dba6d0d5729c0f8e3b4de

uppsrc_SQLite.diff Magnifier - The diff file to apply (388 KB) Sender Ghost, 10/13/2011 12:00 AM


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I downloaded sqlite-amalgamation-3070800.zip archive file from download page.
Farther, I extracted "sqlite3.c" and "sqlite3.h" files to uppsrc/plugin/sqlite3/lib directory and tested reference/SQL_SQLite3 application. Results were the same, as previous version (for Debug build mode).
Then, I created the patch between current and new versions and uploaded it here, for completion.

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