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Using environment variables in Ini files

Added by Jan Dolinár over 10 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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It is sometimes useful to specify things in config based on current environment, e.g. paths can contain $HOME variable to make default config usable for all users.

Enclosed patch allows replacing such variables by their values. To keep things backwards compatible, this feature must be enabled explicitly by '@replace-env' in the config file. It can be also turned of again with @ignore-env. This allows to use this for only specific parts of configuration. When in the replacing mode, "$$" can be used to escape literal "$".


test3=text containing $$
This produces:
Config::test1 = $HOME/test1
Config::test2 = /home/h/test2
Config::test3 = text containing $
Config::test4 = $HOME/test3

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Thanks, very much liked here :)

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