From 04/10/2012 to 05/09/2012


10:08 AM Feature #283 (Approved): Jsonize/Xmlize/SvoValue for non-Core types
(Font, Painting, Drawing, Image...) Miroslav Fidler


08:38 PM Bug #282: IsPicked missing const
Seems like I forgot to attach the file... Jan Dolinár
01:23 PM Bug #282 (Approved): IsPicked missing const
IsPicked() method in BiVector is missing "const". GCC 4.7.0 complains about it - 4.6.x didn't for some reason :-)
Jan Dolinár


02:50 PM Bug #281 (Approved): Painter (or ScatterCtrl_Demo): faint line on the left border with subpixel mode
Miroslav Fidler
08:03 AM Bug #280 (Approved): HttpRequest::RequestTimeout
Does not work properly.
Miroslav Fidler


01:14 PM Bug #252 (Ready for QA): GDB (new): Fix CPU debugging
Massimo Del Fedele
12:34 PM Bug #253 (Ready for QA): GDB (new): Minor changes
Massimo Del Fedele


01:47 PM Task #279 (Approved): Core/Value.hpp:177:9: warning: unused variable ‘t’
t variable is not used in optimal mode.
It should be surrounded by ifdef, otherwise tons of warnings when building.
Massimo Del Fedele


06:53 PM Bug #272 (Approved): Invalid Font().underline in X11
Miroslav Fidler
09:26 AM Feature #278 (New): Better error handlong for JSON/XML Miroslav Fidler


08:30 AM Feature #277 (Approved): Consider Core equivalent of HttpResponse
String HttpResponse(int code, const char *phrase, const String& data, const char *content_type)
Miroslav Fidler


05:43 PM Bug #276 (Rejected): theide crashes with T++
- create new topic group
- insert a topic
- delete it
Miroslav Fidler


09:38 AM Task #275 (Approved): Document Jsonize
Miroslav Fidler
08:36 AM Task #274 (Approved): Cleanup of upptst
Miroslav Fidler


08:58 AM Bug #273 (Rejected): Investigate buglogs Miroslav Fidler


01:36 PM Bug #272 (Approved): Invalid Font().underline in X11
can be seen in Topic editor Miroslav Fidler

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