From 03/02/2013 to 03/31/2013


03:23 PM Bug #273 (Rejected): Investigate buglogs
Miroslav Fidler
03:22 PM Bug #142 (Rejected): Why is uppweb compilation of web.cpp in linux taking so long?
Miroslav Fidler
03:21 PM Bug #175 (Approved): Consider something like SqlSet ContainerSet(const T& cont)
Miroslav Fidler


12:15 PM Feature #458 (Approved): HttpRequest multipart support
Miroslav Fidler


03:10 PM Feature #406 (Rejected): Printing
Miroslav Fidler
03:10 PM Feature #403 (Approved): OpenGL support
Miroslav Fidler
03:09 PM Feature #404 (Rejected): DHCtrl support
(No need for OpenGL) Miroslav Fidler


01:08 PM Bug #453 (Approved): Improve .ini files
Miroslav Fidler


12:58 PM Bug #457 (New): X11 selection does not work as source
Miroslav Fidler


09:34 AM Feature #456 (Approved): ide wildcards could support to-lower/to-upper for replacements
Miroslav Fidler


09:05 PM Bug #368 (Approved): Problem with TheIDE Win32 project template
Miroslav Fidler
08:48 PM Feature #455 (Approved): Extending macro methods in TheIDE
Sweet, applied. Miroslav Fidler


08:42 PM Feature #455 (Approved): Extending macro methods in TheIDE
After trying to write some useful macros (related to creating deb packages in theide), I found that the macros in the... Jan Dolinár
09:09 AM Bug #454 (Rejected): ide: Fix block hightlighting
... Miroslav Fidler


10:15 PM Feature #402 (Approved): Improve SystemDraw
Miroslav Fidler


12:58 PM Bug #453: Improve .ini files
testing package: upptst/LoadIniStream Miroslav Fidler
12:49 PM Bug #453 (Ready for CR): Improve .ini files
Miroslav Fidler
12:42 PM Bug #453: Improve .ini files
In the end I have decided to refactor the code a little bit more... Miroslav Fidler
11:22 AM Bug #417 (Rejected): FileSelector issue with createdir icon
Miroslav Fidler


08:38 AM Bug #453 (Approved): Improve .ini files
Prikladam svoji predstavu o nacitani ini souboru v uppsrc/Core/Ini.cpp,
ustrizek nahrazuje funkce LoadIniFile a Loa...
Miroslav Fidler


11:27 AM Bug #452 (Rejected): Check font issue with cinnamon Miroslav Fidler


08:16 AM Feature #407 (Approved): FileSel (and other gtk dialogs)
Miroslav Fidler


12:01 PM Bug #451 (Approved): umk seems unable to resolve more complex #include situations that theide
Like including .lay files. Miroslav Fidler


02:01 PM Bug #449 (Rejected): Check window ownership relation issues
Miroslav Fidler
11:19 AM Bug #427 (Approved): Minor artifact when moving splitter bar
Miroslav Fidler
10:34 AM Feature #436 (Approved): Cleaning up some MSC x64 warnings
Miroslav Fidler
10:34 AM Bug #435 (Approved): Cleaning up some MSC x64 warnings in GridCtrl
Miroslav Fidler
10:33 AM Bug #391 (Approved): ide/Browser/TopicI.icpp CreateDesigner() returns bool instead of pointer
Miroslav Fidler

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