From 12/12/2017 to 01/10/2018


11:43 PM Bug #1826 (Approved): LabelBox is not taking into consideration color from layout editor Zbigniew Rebacz


07:07 PM Feature #1825 (New): TheIDE should show the fulllist of currently setted breakpoints
Currently there is no option to list all currently set breakpoints.
In addition the menu should allow jump to cert...
Zbigniew Rebacz
07:01 PM Bug #1824 (Approved): Breakpoint can not be set on runtime (GDB - 90% of attempts)
Setting breakpoint doesn't work always. I estimate that it doesn't work in 90% of cases. Moreover when I set breakpoi... Zbigniew Rebacz


09:25 PM Feature #879 (Rejected): [Scrollbar] Scrollbar should have context menu
Zbigniew Rebacz

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