From 07/16/2020 to 08/14/2020


10:24 AM Bug #2057 (Approved): ide: tpp Insert code item does not quite work
Miroslav Fidler


01:48 PM Bug #2056 (New): theide still generating empty assembly at checkout trunk
Miroslav Fidler


05:03 AM Bug #2007: Minimal set for pkg-config dependencies in uppsrc/CtrlCore and uppsrc/Draw packages
Updated after "14754": revision. Sender Ghost


05:40 PM Bug #2055 (New): Rapsberry PI / LX desktop issue
Sometimes there 'oscillation' between newly open theide package selector and other theide. Miroslav Fidler
05:39 PM Bug #2054 (New): OpenIndiana socket problem
GuiWebCrawler or HttpRequest often fail with socket error. Miroslav Fidler


01:05 PM Bug #1903 (Approved): IDE: Navigator should be able to search for files too...
Miroslav Fidler
10:42 AM Bug #2051 (Approved): ide: After open another package, it should go to some other file instead of...
Miroslav Fidler


09:48 AM Feature #2046 (Approved): TabBar: Added features and fixes
Miroslav Fidler
09:14 AM Bug #2033: GetDataFile problem in RPI
It is caused by lxterminal not passing environmental variables to the process... Miroslav Fidler
09:13 AM Bug #2053 (Approved): ide: Google error
Miroslav Fidler
09:13 AM Bug #2049 (Approved): Add full qualification for sch files
Miroslav Fidler


05:58 PM Bug #2053 (Approved): ide: Google error
Miroslav Fidler


10:43 AM Bug #2045 (Rejected): Optimize CParser::Id
Miroslav Fidler
10:42 AM Bug #2047 (Approved): ide: alt+I triggered deadlock
Miroslav Fidler
10:42 AM Feature #2050 (Approved): Add all thread backtrace tree view into theide
Miroslav Fidler
10:41 AM Bug #2052 (Approved): Draw/ide: bullet_arrow_bottom.png problem (dark background when importing i...
Miroslav Fidler

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