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ever heard about mind programming? + freqSymptoms [message #53187] Mon, 16 March 2020 20:07 Go to previous message
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There is software programming, but - have you ever heard about mind programming?
Unfortunatelly a big problem nowadays worldwide - although some know about this - some don't.

What is it?
Well - it's probably the biggest subject on earth, but
In short - it's mostly using someone whole mind/head - it's nervous system/body to literally wirelessly programm someone,
eg driving someone like a doll - which one version of it is psychic driving - eg using remote controller to affect someone's mind/motorics.
There are 3types of mind programming: passive, active and direct(like one would programm a computer/car for example - not for one's with bad nerves).
For this - some created brain-comptuer-interface(BCI) - eg nano implant/etc - so that one can be either used as a mind tool via help of radio/other frequencies/etc.
There are many reasons why someone become a part of this - but usually it's about psyEnergeticExploitation/opression/etc - eg things that are somehow meant to become a part of someone's life - are redirected to psyExploiters/brainwashers/mindProgrammers.
I call it the sport for "higher rase".

One that is a part of this circus is usually called targeted individual - and completelly all knowledge of neuralEngineering and other methods are abUsed in this.

Many of us are a part of it - that's why some swear while they try to code - because many unusual things happen when one is a part of active mind programming - eg feeling like one would be under electroshocks etc. No - this is not some medical problem - it's known symptom of mind programming abuse.

Why do i write abuse? because this is in itself neutral - although nowadays probably covertly mostly used - like in the old days, when some corrupted satanists needed "victims" to test some things.

It's a big subject per se - although it's roots are from covert psychological experimentation.
One of such thing is traumaBased monarchMindProgramming(usually in early years - worst psychologicalExperimentation) - some that went throug it remember - some don't. This can be searched on net.

This is mentioned here - because most know about programming - although there is less knowing about mind programming abuse.
How to test if one is a part of it(because many are and are not aware of it).
Usually - one has a little bit more radioFrequencies in one's body that usually - one can check with rfMeter, but there are probably more methods to check this - if one knows something about this - it would be welcome to add to this post.

And the second part of this message,
testing how frequencies affects our health - creating a list of this for info.
A sample and readme is in attachment - 1st test of 2.45GHz - which is wifi.
Personally i don't want to be cooked because of too much rfRadiation(some places have higher values - some lower), and i use a cable for internet instead of wifi for quite some time now - a cable also usually offer better quality.
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