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Release history

2023.2 (rev. 17045) (Oct 2023)


Current stable release


This is release is mostly focused on improving TheIDE capabilities.




CParser::ReadDoubleNoE (to ignore E part of double)

CParser::ReadIdh (with '-' in id)


Draw, CtrlLib


StdDisplay (if CtrlLib is present) now supports \1 qtf escape code


RichEdit, RichText


"Paste without formatting"

Clipboard 'HTML format' support

GetPlainText allow_tabs parameter; CtrlLib Prompt now sometimes uses '\t' to separate table cells.

EncodeHTML strikeout support




New C++ sources indexer mode - previoualy, after each file change, all depended files were reindexed. That often resulted in very heavy CPU load after each header change. In the new mode, only the changed file is being reindexed - while less accurate, real problems in this new mode are actually rare and it makes for much more responsive experience using theide.

Many Assist cornercases fixed

Result lists of Find in Files and Usage now have "Replace" button which effectively brings the "rename the entity" functionality (e.g. to rename method, find its Usage and then use Replace)

Bottom pane was redesigned allowing for more Find in Files and Usage result lists.

Many improvements in source comparsions

"Show git history of file" now allows for choosing branches

"Compare with" now suggests files with the same name from other upp nests

"Compare directories" now allows comparison with git commit

Various windows like comparisons are now non-modal. It is now e.g. possible to open multiple e.g. Directory comparison windows

Merge nests function got ability to specify target folder. Default mode is now to "import" packages missing in the first nest to "imported" subfolder of the first nest. The idea is to create an assembly of first nest and its "imported" subfolder to have imported packages fixed, while still allowing the use of the very same packages from original sources with another assembly.

Visual improvements, UHD versions of many icons

C++ Language standard for assist (e.g. C++ 17) can now be selected in Assist setup

Flow breaking commands (return, break, continue, goto, co_return, throw) now have specific syntax highlighting

TheIDE now displays out-of-page function/class headers in the first line of editor. This is helpful for quick orientation when jumping into long function body.

External changes for files now getting proper undo records (previously undo history was lost when file was edited outside of ide session)

Repo sync git pull mode changed to "merge" (from "rebase")

U++ Builder now defines bmGIT_HASH (with git hash of first nests HEAD, if it is git repo).

Copy with Syntax highlighting function




-h option to automatically download missing packages from UppHub if possible




OpenSSL now upgraded to 1.1.1w


2023.1 (rev. 16847) (May 2023)


The new release brings some long awaited features. As you might remember for the last release we removed the old deprecated library for code formatting. In the current release formatting is back based on clang-format. Also TheIDE has got a special dialog when you can adjust formatting to your needs. Formatting is available under "Assist" -> "Reformat" menu.


macOS support, temporarily removed in previous release, is back. Our POSIX installation is now universal, covering Linux, BSDs and MacOS, which means that when you unpack it on macOS you just run ./install script to download all dependencies using brew and build umk and theide just like on other POSIX platforms. It is compatible with X86_64 and Apple ARM CPUs.


In other news, libclang based Assist++ has been significantly stabilized and some corner cases are now fixed.


Happy coding with U++ and TheIDE! We are glad that you decided to try our software!




MacOS is supported again; POSIX and macOS releases are now merged to single archive

X11 backend compiles again




clang-format integration

assist stablization

.iml Image selection database tool




Menubar GTK based styling has been improved



2022.3 (rev. 16660) (Dec 2022)



The leading entity for this release is migration for our homegrown C++ parser to LibClang. This is the revolutionary change in the context of how easy is to develop code with our integrated development environment TheIDE. If you are familiar with older parser, you will noticed changes in plus immediately. From other things we optimized memory consumption used by our widgets. All applications recompiled with the newest version of U++ will be the beneficiaries of this change. Furthermore, we refreshed TheIDE's AndroidBuilder and it is now capable of building Andorid project using the latest tool-chains from Google.


We would like to thank all of our amazing contributors and users! Without your help we wouldn't be in the place we are today. Also, many thanks to our UppHub contributors who do a great job. Your additional packages are very helpful and needed for our users.


Release highlights


Homegrown C++ parser in TheIDE is replaced with LibClang resulting in new and improved Assist++ features

Optimised memory consumption of U++ widgets.

macOS version is not released with 2022.3. Our main priority is to leverage this inconvenience in one of 2023.x releases. If you want to use U++ on macOS please use 2022.2 instead.



Autocomplete now correctly works in most cases (except in template bodies, which is libclang limitation)

Code navigator refactored and improved

TheIDE now shows C++ errors while editing sources

TheIDE now shows information tips about program symbols when you leave mouse over it (documentation if available, declaration signature if not)

New function "Usage" shows all usages of current symbol through all project sources based on C++ analysis. With virtual methods, it shows all overrides of base class method.

Android Builder was updated and it is compatible with the latest Android platform version. At the time of writing these words it is version 33.



UMK displays version when run without parameters


CtrlCore, CtrlLib:

Memory consumption (esp. sizeof) of widgets greatly reduced (by up to 70%).

LabelBox now allows center and right alignment.

Fix issue with not working drag and drop for files on Windows


2022.2 (rev. 16270) (May 2022)



This release serves mainly as a service pack to 2022.1 and contains significant number of resolved issues. There are limited set of new features.

Release highlights

Core: IsVoid(String) function to avoid confusion with IsVoid(Value)

Core: LoadFile fixed to be work with special files in POSIX /proc/

Core: BiVector, BiArray Create with constructor parameters

CtrlLib: RichTextView WhenLeftClick, ClearSelection

CtrlLib: FileSel::NoExeIcons to suppress loading of icons from .exe files in background

CtrlLib: Fixed issues with namespace agnostic layouts

Image: Support for >2G pixel images (ImageBuffer::GetLength now returns size_t)

Draw: Fixed/optimised FlipImage

plugin/tif: Minimal geotiff support via metadata (see reference/geotiff)



ide: git format-patch patch format support



Fix Manjaro (GNU/Linux) installation dependencies


2022.1 (rev. 16236) (April 2022)


Release highlights

sizeof(wchar) is changed to 4 (32 bits) to support non BMP unicode characters

This might bring some incompatibilities in the code that expects wchar to be 16 bit, which

escpecially involves dealing with Win32 (and to lesser extend MacOS) APIs, so if your application

is doing that, please check all instances of WCHAR (UniChar on MacOS) or even wchar

especially type casts.

To support host APIs, char16 is introduced (but there is no 16-bit String varian).

Use ToSystemCharsetW, FromSystemCharsetW to convert texts to Win32 API.


Support of drawing non-BMP characters in GUI

Vastly improved character font replacement code (when drawing characters missing with requested font, replacement font is used)

Last instances of Win32 ANSI calls (those ending with A) are removed

UTF handling routines are refactored and their's naming is unified

RTF is now being able to handle non-BMP characters (RTF is used as clipboard format for RichText)

Improved input method (aka preedit in Linux, aka marked text in MacOS) support

ConvertFloat and EditFloat to handle float vs double precision differences

Improved FP <-> text conversion routines



UppHub now raises error when Git is missing


'Win32 release

clang updated to actual version (llvm14)

zlib updated to 1.2.12

openssl updated to 1.1.1n

jpeg updated to 9e

Instant setup for VS 2022



In order to satisfy UppHub requirements, Git dependency was added


2021.1 (rev. 15947) (May 2021)


Release highlights

New system for 3rd party modules, "UppHub": independently developed U++ modules residing in Git repositories now can be seamlessly integrated, including automatic installation of missing packages if they are in the UppHub.



double NAN and INF values are now considered Null (IsNull returns true for them).

FileSystemInfo now returns volume names of network drives

Improvements in FindFile

String middle tier heap handling optimised

U++ does not require MemoryFreeThread call at the end of thread (it is now implemented using thread_local destructor)

Core/SSH: the underlying libssh2 library is upgraded to v. 1.9.0



New C++ style for iteration of widget children now possible for(Ctrl& q : widget)

Pen support (pressure, tilt etc...)


RichText, RichEdit

1.15 line spacing support

JPEG raw image data is now exported to PDF as JPEG (instead of recoding)



Context goto now support AK_ key definitions

TheIDE now contains credentials manager for git and svn (including github tokens)

Various improvements to text comparison dialogs - ability to copy and delete individual lines between versions, filtering by file time (for directory comparison).

Repo history of .upp files directly available via package context menu

Open package dialog filtering options redesigned

New function to copy positions as text to clipboard (e.g. "RichEdit/Modify.cpp:27") and go to such position based on clipboard content. Useful for communication between developers.

Some common nest root files like README.md or LICENSE are now directly accessible through <meta> pseudo-package.

TheIDE/umk build flags MAKE_LIB and MAKE_MLIB force generation of library instead of executable.

New "Merge nests" function (in Package organizer) copies all used packages that are not in the first nest of assembly into the first nest. In U++, first nest usually contains the application code whole while other nests contain libraries (U++ or 3rd party libraries). This function is intended to "freeze" the non-application code before releasing / tagging / branching to reduce the chance that a change of that code does not break the application.

TheIDE now can "Open terminal" at various directories (output directory, package directory, source file directory etc...), with PATH augmented with current build executable directories.

Support for .md (markdown) format

Improved debugger threads tab

Support for override in virtual methods dialog

Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down now moving the line or block of text up/down



Now ships with minimal git (mingit) implementation

CLANG now at version 11.0.0



2020.2 (rev. 15260) (October 2020)


Release highlights

This release is mostly about optimizations, using SIMD and multithreading.



memset*, memcpy*, memeq*, memhash SIMD optimized inlined routines (* = 8, 16, 32, 64, 128)

String comparison is yet again optimized

Using 64 bit hashes on 64 bit CPUs


Draw, Painter

SIMD optimizations (Intel SSE2 and ARM NEON) of graphics related routines



Added SetDataSourceInternal() to internally host data



Added ScatterWindowPool


Ide/umk - Android

Removed depricated Android standard libraries (now select c++-static, c++_shared, system and none are supported)

Remove depricated Android platforms (now armabi-v7, arm64-v8a, x86 and x86-64 are supported)



Fized a truncation issue with SshExec. It can now handle large outputs up to 2 GiB.



Refactored to use VirtualGui



C++ Assist parser in TheIDE is now multithreaded and some parts run in background

Navigator now can search for files too

The errors now can be directly googled

ide/umk now can be configured for cross-compilation (e.g. compile Win32 application in Linux)

Direct help button in "Select main package" window

Additional tooltips in various places for better user experience

Simplified project toolbar

Improved documentation



Improved support for OpenSolaris derived systems, FreeBSD and OpenBSD


upgrades of 3d party code

OpenSSL (in Win32 release) to 1.1.1g

plugin/jpg to 9d

plugin/tif to 4.1.0

plugin/lz4 to 1.9.2

plugin/zstd to 1.4.5

plugin/pcre to 8.44

plugin/sqlite3 to 3.33

plugin/glew to 2.2.0

plugin/Eigen to master branch commit C1D944DD (9/May/2020)


2020.1 (rev. 14429) (May 2020)


Release highlights

gtk3 replaces gtk2 as default linux backend

Visual look&feel refactored in Linux and MacOS, improved dark theme support

In Win32, PDB debugger now displays various U++ and standard library containers and types nicely

Win32 release now ships with CLANG compiler toolchain

Win32 release does not contain 32-bit TheIDE version anymore. Only 64-bit version is bundled. If you want to use U++ on 32-bit Windows 2019.2 is recommended for you.

Posix release archives are reworked to allow easier and faster installation



SshExec improvements

ConditionVariable and Semaphore now have Wait variant with timeout

IsDoubleWidth function to detect double-width UNICODE glyphs

MacOS is now using fast U++ heap when possible (not for new/delete)

U++ now using ~/.config and ~/.cache folders to store things



GaussianBlur function added



Ctrl::GetAscendant utility method to get parent based on its type

Dark mode is now enabled by default, CtrlLib: classic skin improvements

MacOS multimonitor support and other fixes



Modernized widgets look in layout designer

Added some less often used widgets like ColorPusher, TreeCtrl or ColumnList that were not previously directly supported in layout designer

FileSel support of .lnk files in Win32

Host native file selecteor, FileSelector, is now renamed to FileSelNative and is now available in MacOS too (in addition to Win32 and gtk3)

GLCtrl in OpenGL/X11 refactored



umk now implements use target directory flag (thanks Novo)

Context goto (Alt+J) now able to detect files / links (and open the file / link in browser)

Gdb frontend now can better handle executables without debug info

Icon designer now can show synthetised UHD/Dark images

New Insert file/clipboard as.. function allows insertion of clipboard or files directly to the text in various formats (C string, Base64 encode, raw byte values, compressed byte values using LZ4 or Zlib or LZMA).

Move/Copy package function

Find in files now has 3 output panes



GetSVGPathBoundingBox function that gets bounding box of SVG path

Xform2D::Map function creates matrix for affinity triangle->triangle mapping



PGSQL now can escape ? as ?? or use NoQuestionParams method to avoid interpreting ? as parameter holder

SQL_RENAME .sch 'command' can be used to have different name of column in DB and code.



In POSIX, external library dependencies are now refactored with pkg-config


2019.2 (rev 13664) (October 2019)




Allocator huge block handling optimized, memory consumption improved in specific cases

Index refactored to reduce sizeof and improve performance in specific cases

Introduced workaround for Mingw TLS performance issue

pick/clone semantics refined in several places

Random algorithm changed to xoshiro256**

Uuid generation optimized

Fast U++ allocator is now used internally where possible even if standard allocator us used for new/delete (with USEMALLOC flag)

pick/clone refinements

Value::Compare optimized for standard types



SVG parser improvements

GLCtrl new method ExecuteGL to execute code with correct GL context

Font metrics optimized for MingW with TLS optimization workaround



ArrayCtrl sorting improved

CtrlMapper small helper class

DropList supports Add with initializer_list

FileSelButton WhenSelected Event

FileSel has now more sorting options, PreSelect now supports Save As too



SetGridLines callbacks



Console output now supports search

Font settings 'set to defaults' button

Debugger now has arrow buttons to change frame without dropping the list

New GUI patch tool

GDB debugger frontend now has memory tab

Icon designer export to .png now exports uhd/dark variants too

Main config dialog now can drag/drop (or move) lines

Run options dialog got new buttons to insert file path / directory path into commandline args

pkg-config support


2019.1 (rev 13068) (May 2019)


General improvements

MacOS X support

Improved support for UHD displays

Improved support for dark themes



Core/SSH: SSH protocol support

XMLRPC improvements (protocol version, support for i8 type)

WebSockets improvements

ToAscii, ToUpperAscii, ToLowerAscii functions optimized

New CoWork variant CoWorkNX solves an compilation problem when using CoWork as member variable

DarkTheme function inverts Color luminosity for dark themes support (dark colors become light, light colors dark, but color remains)

MakeOne is now changed to function

LocalProcess now allows setting current directory for started process



Various improvements of Image designer

'Disable UHD mode' option for testing applications

GDB interface improvements: Now possible to stop running application and to set breakpoints while application runs

Compare with clipboard function

Initial setup improved

New dialog for setting up project assemblies

PDB debugger improvements: now displays INF and NAN for floats, fixed termination issues

Selfupgrade feature (ide compiles itself and replaces the binary)



Improved jpeg EXIF support

RichText now suggests corrections for misspelled words.

RichText now supports .svg images

GLCtrl refactored, changed to use single context per application (allows sharing resources, e.g. textures, between widgets), support for GTK fixed, MSAA supported in Win32

VirtualGui is a new package to implement working 'fullscreen' GUI by implementing a SystemDraw and a dozen of virtual methods, intended for use with e.g. games. VirtualGUI/SDL2GL is an implementation with SDL2.

Painter is heavily optimized for multithreaded rendering.

PostgreSQL now supports RETURNING clause in SqlExp.

New plugin/tess2 package (tesselation) and plugin/glm (OpenGL maths support).



U++ now ships with speller files for multiple languages


Win32 Release

Now ships with SDL2, MySQL and PostgreSQL client libraries

mingw64 upgraded to 8.1.0

mingw64 now using lld linker - link times with mingw are now practically zero

OpenSSL updated 1.0.2r

plugin/jpg updated to 9c

plugin/tif updated to 4.0.10

plugin/lz4 updated to 1.8.3

plugin/zstd updated to 1.3.8

plugin/lzma updated to 19.0

plugin/pcre updated to 8.43

plugin/sqlite3 updated to 3.27.2


2018.1 (rev 11873) (Mar 2018)


New low-overhead CoWork parallelization method / pattern - Loop

Throughout the Core, many rvalue / universal reference related optimizations

CoPartition optimized to perform the work in calling thread if data size is small

SeedRandom without parameter now reseeds the random with host entropy

Array/Vector new Get/Set methods

New features for WebSocket client mode


plugin/bz2: Streaming support


Co Option to run parallel



PdfDraw: DrawJPEG to directly embed JPEG compressed images into PDF

GUI programming

In Windows, owned windows now have minimize box disabled (as minimizing of owned windows leads to strange behaviour)

LineEdit::WhenScroll event

New OptionBox widget (Option with LabelBox like graphics, also able to automatically enable/disable contained widgets)

FileSel now has option to add widgets into the dialog (e.g. to specify save format)


Very long files (>400MB) are now opened for view rather than edit.

Some trivial merge conflict helper tools

IconDes improvements

Esc scripting language now has 'continue' statement

Debugger now can copy the back-trace of all threads to the clipboard


2017.2 (rev 11540) (Dec 2017)


New AsyncWork class - U++ future-alike tool

CoWork: Exception propagation from worker threads, job cancellation support.

Bits class optimized, it is now possible to set multiple bits (count parameter)

WebSocket refactored for asynchronous operation

UTF-32 support functions, UnicodeCompose and UnicodeDecompose functions, support for UTF16 surrogate pairs

DeleteFolderDeep now deletes symlinks

MakeOne function (alternative to One::Create)

LoadFromFile, StoreToFile - Event variant

ReverseRange and SortedRange

Server Name Indicator support in Socket and HttpRequest

SSL1.1 API support



GUI programming

ArrayCtrl: Improvements in sorting, new public GetCellRect, GetCellRectM, GetSelKeys, SetRowDisplay, SetColumnDisplay, AcceptRow methods

Button NakedStyle style.

WithDropChoice: Set/Remove entry in drop-down list

TextCtrl::Load refactored, now can break very long (>1MB) lines

TreeCtrl: GetOpenIds, OpenIds

IdCtrls, SqlCtrls refactored, improved

Option: SetColor

Edit...Spin: RoundFromMin modifier method

ColorPopup now has button to enter the color as text

New features in ScatterDraw, ScatterCtrl

Header / Footer can now be changed using paragraph properties

QTFDisplay now ignores text color / paper if style is not normal


Improved debugging of console applications with MinGW

Debugging with GDB is now much more stable

Macro manager

Explicit "Go to line.. "operation (in addition to Navigator)

BRC now supports LZ4, LZMA and Zstd compression

File comparison tool improved

Directory comparison now can show/filter new/modified/removed files

Dark theme highlighting

Duplicate package function

"Find all" button in normal Search (finds all occurrences in current file).

HexView now remembers position

Selection can be interpreted as error list

TheIDE now shows the number of selected characters

Tab size now possible on per-file basis

Repository synchronize refactored, now supports both svn and git

Layout visgen improvements

TheIDE  now supports Visual Studio 2017 C++ compiler auto setup

MS build tools auto setup

3rd party modules

MinGW 64 updated to GCC-7.2.0

OpenSSL for VC++ updated to 1.0.2l

plugin/lz4: lz4 updated to 1.7.3

plugin/bz2: updated to 1.0.6

plugin/jpg: updated to version 9b

plugin/pcre: updated to 8.41

plugin/png: updated to 1.2.57

plugin/sqlite3: updated to 3.17.9

plugin/z: Updated to 1.2.11

plugin/Eigen: Updated to version 3.3.4


2017.1 (rev 10804) (Jan 2017)

This is the first release of U++ that requires C++11 compatible compiler. The main focus was Core, adding many enhancements allowed by C++11 and improved parallel programming support. We, also didn't forget about Android and we ported Core library on that platform.


Original U++ Callbacks are deprecated and replaced with Function with better lambda support.

Begin/End methods are now renamed / deprecated in favor of (standard) begin/end.

U++ algorithms now primarily work on ranges, besides container SubRange, ConstRange and ViewRange are now provided.

Initial round of optimizations for ARM architecture.

U++ allocator optimized once again, locking is reduced in inter-thread deallocations, allocator now returns blocks always 16 bytes aligned (simplifies SSE2 code).

General cleanup of U++ algorithms, redundant algorithms removed, new Count and CountIf algorithms

Improvements in Core/RPC

CoWork::FinLock now provides 'free of charge' mutex at the end of worker jobs.

CoWorkerResources class now provides 'per worker thread' context.

CoPartition algorithm useful for partitioning array for parallel programming.

Where it makes sense, U++ algorithms now have parallel variant.

String further optimized, new TrimLast, TrimStart, TrimEnd, FindAfter, ReverseFindAfter

FastCompress (currently using LZ4) for internal program compression.

Core can be compiled on Android and major of features are currently ported.

xxHash - fast non-cryptographic hash - now part of Core.

SHA256 code now part of the Core.

plugin/pcre updated to the latest pcre version.

plugin/zstd now provides zstd compression (with multithreaded option).

plugin/lz4 now can multithreaded.

GUI programming & graphics

PdfDraw and RichText now support PDF signatures.

RichText now can change header/footer within document.

ArrayCtrl got SetLineColor and GetCellRect methods.


Comments now can be spell checked and there is comment word wrap and reformatting operation.

New functions / icons that search the web (launch the browser) for text selected or current identifier.

Optimal compilation mode is removed as confusing, it is now always either debug or release mode, release mode being configured for speed.

When comparing files, differences within single lines are now shown.

Most U++ designers now support drag&drop to reorganize lists.

Find File window was remastered.

New dialog for creating package file.

Android application can be directly launch on emulator from TheIDE.

Clang is now default compiler for native Android applications.

C++14 is now default standard for all Android builds.

Various android builder improvements.


New math functions like sin, cos, tg, pow etc.

New replace in string function.


Significantly improved the process of building TheIDE and UMK from tarball (POSIX environment). Compilation on multiple cores is possible with "-j" option.

Documentation improvements.

Bug fixes in various areas.


2015.2 (rev 9251) (Dec 2015)

The main focus of this release was C++ parser and Assist++ features. and Android applications builder in TheIDE (library does not yet support Android though).


Improved C++11 support.

Leap second of 2015 added to time routines.

GUI programming & graphics

Improved support of UHD displays.

New QTF command {{* is shortcut for {{~0/0 to simplify using invisible tables for organizing text.

PdfDraw now supports urls (e.g. when converting QTF/RichText to PDF).

RichText/QTF now support round borders for table cells.

ScatterCtrl: new features.


Assist++ and C++ parser now support C++11 and non-project headers, parsing ability is generally improved.

Android builder.

UTF16 support, UTF BOM autodetection.

Rename/Delete package functions.

Layout designer has new code generation features and can jump to C++ using the layout.

Editor now truncates files longer than 200MB / 1GB (32/64 bits ide) while loading, makes them read-only.

Editor now shows misplaced whitespaces in source files.

TheIDE now detects binary files and provides binary viewer.

Toolbar has new navigation icons and icons to switch editation mode (text/designer/binary).

Legacy GDB-backended debugger was refurbished and became 'Standard' debugger for GCC.

Icon designer now shows images as files icons when inserting image files.

Win32 releases

Win32 now does not come as .exe installer, but simple .7z archive, which acts as "portable" installation. Nothing is written to the registry, nothing needs to be installed, simply running "theide.exe" setups everything needed. (theide.exe is 64bit executable. For those unlucky to still run 32-bit os, there is theide32.exe).

There is once again 'mingw' variant which is coupled with TDM64 release of mingw-w64.


2015.1 (rev 8227) (Mar 2015)


U++ abandoned "default pick" semantics for containers. The transfer semantics now has to be specified explicitly, either as 'pick' or 'clone' (this is enforced in C++11 mode, in legacy mode old behaviour is maintained and pick/clone are optional).

New containers, based on fast-insertion arrays: InVector, InArray, SortedIndex, SortedVectorMap, SortedArrayMap. SortedIndex, SortedVectorMap and SortedArrayMap provide binary searches, while maintaining random access to the array, with performance comparable to binary tree based containers (e.g. std::map).

New Core/POP3 package - support for retrieving emails form POP3 servers.

Initial round of C++11 support (lambda callbacks, minor fixes)

A set of small utility functions findarg, decode, min/max now supporting more arguments. SplitTo and Merge for splitting/merging strings.

InFilterStream, OutFilterStream classes that can provide some sort of processing (e.g. compression) to regular streams.

New Date related functions EasterDay, GetMonths, GetWeek, GetWeekDate.

MIME / fileextension mapping functions FileExtToMIME and MIMEToFileExt.

Some ARMv7 related optimization (unaligned access, byte swaps).

SpinLock class.

Stream optimization methods GetPtr, PutPtr, GetSzPtr provide safe access to Stream internal buffer.

String/WString::Find(const String&) significantly speed optimized.

Value invalid casts now throwing exception ValueTypeError instead of panic.

WebSocket class.

[Stable]SortBy[Keys|Values] functions for sorting VectorMap, ArrayMap.

plugin/lz4 - adapted fast compression library

plugin/lzma - adapted high ratio compression library

plugin/glew - popular OpenGL utility library adapted as package

GUI programming & graphics

GTK backend (U++ now using Gtk for host platform interface)

EditDateDlg, EditNumber simple function for entering single value (equivalent to EditText)

ArrayCtrl new methods to add/retrieve ValueMaps and ValueArrays, new CreateCtrl<T> method.

LineEdit heavily optimized to be able to work with huge files (>100MB).

LineEdit now able to work with rectangular selections.

DDARasterizer and SDraw are new tools providing Draw with minimal host platform support (only two operations, paint Image and paint colored rectangle, are required).

Image rescaling now supports varios filters, like bicubic or lanczos.

AttrText is now rich comparable Value: it is now possible to sort ArrayCtrl by AttrText filled columns.

GLDraw - Draw implemented using OpenGL (ES).

SVG parser (to Painter interface).

plugin/ppm - trivial image format support.

RichText/RichEdit header/footer support, QTF now using BASE64 for binary data (instead of 7-bit raw encoding).

Turtle is another web framework of U++ - this one allows to convert existing GUI applications into Web application: simple Java Script terminal connects to server where GUI application runs.

ScatterDraw/ScatterCtrl - Added legend table, linked scroll controls, units, data fitting to equations, run time user equations, zoom window, improved text drawing, huge datasets handling and key/mouse handling.

X11 backend: Multimonitor support, removed flickering when opening window

Error[OK|Cancel|Yes|No...] - new Prompt variants with Error decorations


New variants of Insert/Select/Update commands (now roughly supporting all important combinations of SQL standard).

SqlSetFrom functions creates a SqlSet from any container.

S_ structures refactored, now provide an improved interface with better introspection.

Sql console redesigned.


Win64 PDB (Visual C++ compiled code) debugger.

Find/replace GUI refactored, added support for incremental finds, added regexp support.

Block replace now has grep-like feature to remove matching/non-matching lines (instead of replacing matches)

Case insensitive replace now has "mimic case" option (mimics the case of first and next characters, so replacing "vector" -> "array", when match is "Vector", result is "Array").

Compilation errors now parsed and displayed nicely.

Assist++ context goto (Alt+J) now supports local variables (goes to declaration).

Layout/Icon designers now have find Search filter.

Ide now displays long numbers with thousands separators.

Syntax highlighting refactored, added highlighting of HTML, XML, .log files, .xsd files, .diff files, C++11 keywords highlighted, TODO and FIXME comments highlighted

Directory comparison tool.

Simple Json/XML viewers.

Comment/Uncomment block.

Selected identifier is now highlighted in all the text.

Current line is highlighted with faint lines.

Precompiled headers support for release mode (BLITZ still far better for debug builds).

Insert file path (plain or as CString) function.

Layout code generator now can place double-quotes around elements, generate handlers for buttons.

Layout designer now can sort widgets based on their graphical position.

Code navigator is completely redesigned.

Icon designer supports various rescaling filters and new icon smoothing function.

Ide now has line duplicate feature (CTRL+D).


5485 (Oct 2012)


The focus of this release was server programming. The main new feature is "Skylark", lean and mean U++ based web development framework.




String class has been further optimized for improved Cat performance.

Id class was refactored to better support multithreaded programming.

STATIC_ASSERT introduced for compile-time checks.

TCP/IP and HTTP was refactored and integrated into Core, providing new TcpSocket, IpAddrInfo, HttpHeader and HttpRequest classed (effectively obsoleting Web package).

Value was refactored and optimized, now using small value optimization technique.

Value got Xmlize (conversion to/from XML) and Jsonize (conversion to/from JSON) support.

Date now has operator++/--.

Exit is now equivalent of C exit function, implemented using exception trow to *_APP_MAIN and C++ friendly.

Thread now has AtExit support.

.ini parameters now can be optionally encapsulated using INI_* helpers.

Sort algorithm was refactored, works about 10% faster.

LOGHEX and DUMPHEX logging macros provided for logging Strings in hexadecimal form.

LoadFromJsonFile and StoreToJsonFile jsonize object from/to files.





'Of' method, used to qualify SQL column names, now has new alternative notation using operator().

Schema files information is now accessible application providing a form of database schema introspection.

JoinRef method of Select provides automatic join where join condition is synthetized by framework based on schema introspection.

SqlCtrls now support automated mode based on schema introspection.

SqlSession now has ThrowOnError option, when active all SQL errors throw SqlError exception.

Sql: Sql now supports fetching ValueMap of row (using Fetch variant or GetRowMap after Fetch).

MassInsert now has "remove" option to remove rows inserted before inserting, NoUseTransaction option and is using RDBM specific SQL syntax (instead generic UNION ALL trick) when possible.

Secondary SQLR default session intended for 'read-only' sessions.

Default sessions SQL and SQLR now can be per-thread (useful for multithreaded server applications).

Columns and table names now can be optionally quoted (new mode).

Sql: SqlLoadTable and SqlLoadColumn helper function can read whole tables into C++ VectorMaps.

New Sqls::operator^ fetches single row from select and returns it as ValueMap.



RichText, RichEdit

Paragraph ruler now can have dotted or dashed styles




EditField now has WhenPasteFilter that can be used to change pasted clipboard text before inserting it.

FileSel in Win32 is now using separate thread to lazy-load icons.

ColorPopup checks clipboard and when it founds a text resembling color definition (like #12aa33 or 123 55 6), adds this color to predefined colors in selection.




New, vastly improved GDB frontend.

Startup times should be significantly improved.

C#, JavaScript and css syntax highlighting.

Ide now can view .png, .jpg, .gif and .bmp files and even edit smaller .png files.

New save file on window deactivation option is helpful when editing scripts or web templates - no need to save file when going to another window to test.

Insert clipboard as C string, convert text to C string functions.

New find in files dialog option to filter files according to their 'read only' status.


4193 (24 Nov 2011)


"Rainbow" technology decouples U++ GUI from host platform. It is now possible to develop new GUI

implementation without changing core U++ files. "Framebuffer" package uses Rainbow to implement

GUI for trivial RGBA framebuffer (with keyboard and mouse inputs).


New command line utility "umk" - GUI independent, U++ package builder: umk.


Docking package was adopted to main source tree.



Support for UTF8-BOM encoding.

Layout files are now syntax highlighted, Assist++ now knows correct line position info.

Database schema files (.sch) are now syntax highlighted. Assist++ now knows to correct line position info.

Ide now has minimal Objective C and C++/CLR support.

New function to export documentation to html or pdf.

Layout designer now has 'struct' option in code generator

Image (.iml) designer now can import (insert) whole another .iml and also export .iml to png files.

There is now Assist++ for #include.

InsertColor function now supports QTF colors.

Local menu on package file items now has "Open file directory" item.





U++ now has Value compatible Complex type.

CParser has new Unicode Escape option to understand "\u" escape codes (as in JavaScript).

ValueArray has now Insert, Append and Remove methods.

ValueMap has now Set(key, value) method.

Value now has operator[] (key) and operator[] (index) methods to directly access contained ValueMap and ValueArray elements.

double formatting (Format, Convert) now has support to easily replace decimal point with ',' character.

Core now has JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) parsing and creation support.

String now has GetCharCount() that is able to return correct number of characters (code-points) in String even if encoding is UTF-8.


CtrlLib and CtrlCore (GUI library)

ArrayCtrl now has AsText, SetClipboard, AsQtf and AsCsv methods.

EditField now supports limited text highlighting.

New SetLayout_[layout name] template function generated from .lay (used to change compatible layout).


Draw/PdfDraw/Report (graphical output)

Draw/PdfDraw/Report got minimalistic PDF/A support.

AttrText now has Bold/Italic/Underline/Strikeout methods.

New QtfReport for simplified reporting of Qtf.


Other library changes

In SQL trace log, questionmark parameter placeholders are now replaced with actual parameters.

plugin\Sqlite3 is upgraded to 3.7.8.

plugin/tif is upgraded to version 1.43.

plugin/jpg now supports EXIM image orientation metadata.

New plugin/wincert package supports basic Win32 certificate manipulation and PDF digital signing.

HttpClient now supports PUT method.


3211 (16 Feb 2011)



SSE2 as Option in main config, templates now include SSE2 as default (RM #9).

new function - convert selection to ASCII.

Main package configuration editor shows structured flags accepted by packages.

Replaced QuickTabs with TabBar, reorganized Environment dialog.

Allow conditional breakpoints.

Support for CLOB columns in .sch file (#14).





Added missing Gate4::Execute.

Tuples now Moveable if all elements moveable.

Added Xmlize ValueArray and ValueMap.

Added DayOfYear, StrToTime; Draw: Rotate180.

Thread threadid support.

FormatIntBase added 'upper' option. Added FormatIntHexUpper function.



Added ImageOps hotspots.

RASTER_8ALPHA now considered non-premultiplied (fixes issue in some .png files).



Painter now depends on Draw.



Support for LCT.



EncodeRTF improved to support page size, margins and table cell borders.

GetOpaqueRect, GetVoidRect now const

TopWindow FullScreen for open window in Win32



FileSel: Support for Terminal Services client shares (Win32).

FileSel lazy and optimized file icon loading.

Automatic landscape mode for RichText print.

LabelBox visually supports Disabled state, LabelBase has got disabledink.

Splitter can now have any width.

ArrayCtrl with embedded Ctrls optimized to work well up to 10000 widgets.



Added SingleLine, Filter.

Improved process of searching for speller dictionaries.

Added some missing czech translations.



Added ClearChanged(), added missing row_order setting in Remove0



operator[](SqlId) now invokes NEVER (in debug) when column is not found

Oracle: SQLT_TIMESTAMP support (thanks alendar)



SmtpMail: Refactored, added support for character encoding in headers, added recipient/sender names,




Many packages added and improved: Scatter, DeEncrypter, CMeter, Protect, Tree, Dispatcher, Gen, SDLCtrl, PolyXML, PlotLib,PlotCtrl, SysInfo, Media, MediaPlayer, Functions4U, plugin/portaudio, Sound, SoundExample, AutoScroller, CtrlFinder, CtrlProp, LogPosCtrl, PointCtrl, PopUpC, RectCtrl, Styler, ValueCtrl, Docking , TabBar, SysExec, Protect, Updater, SysExecGui, OfficeAutomation, Dispatcher, Styler, Cypher, ProductVersion, Uniq, SplashSV and HelpViewer.


2791 (18 Oct 2010)



Now it has direct support for Windows SDK 7.1.





There are now new templates Tuple2 - Tuple4.

Stream class got new methods Peek and PutPtr intended for optional optimizations.

In Vector and Array template classes, interface was changed so that all Add methods are now returning the reference to the element inserted.

String and WString has new Replace method.



plugin/gif now has support for animated gifs, Raster and Raster encoder have new GetDPI and SetDPI methods. DPI information handling for png, tif and jpg was fixed.

AttrText utility class has new NormalInk method and supports conversion from Value.



There is a new IsPainting method.



Progress has now blocked open if invoked during Draw method. IdCtrls have now Reset method.

New utility function SelectDirectory.

LineEdit now reacts to Shift+MouseWheel does horizontal scroll with horizontal scrolling.

RichTextView got new WhenMouseMove callback.



Has now WhenBeforeChangeRow and WhenBeforeChangeCol callbacks, CancelDuplicate, SetCtrl, FindCol, ReadCol and CopyColumnNames methods and SetValues, GetValues and Xmlize template specialization.



SqlSelect now can add individual fetch values using operator().

New SqlMassInsert provides generic acceleration of mass inserts using 'union all' trick.

IsSame is a new SqlExp equality test which is null safe (null == null yields true).

Oracle8 has new BulkExecute interface to OCI8 array binds repeated command execution with varying parameter sets; speeds up inserts / updates drastically over networks with long roundtrip.



XmlRpcCall has now Proxy and ProxyAuth methods.


New plugin/Box2D package was added.




Added packages

Protect: Software encryption system.

Cypher, StreamCypher, CypherTest.

DeEncrypter: A *simple* AESStream based Encrypter / Decrypter.

BufferStream: Stream based on Vector<byte> buffer, self growing.

CMeter: A progressbar / meter / slider with some versatile settings Ctrl

Dispatcher: Generic class to dispatch data to arbitrary recipients.

HelpViewer, TestHelpViewer.



Some improvements



Some fixes



Some fixes



Updated Leptonica library to version 1.65



Minor changes and fixes



Minor changes



Minor changes



Added SHA2 functions



New LED control by Christian



Added functions, GatherTpp, improved doc and fixed bugs



Added GetAdapterInfo



Added Knob



Cyrillic characters support



Updated doc


2467 (10 Jun 2010)



Now has QTF designer.





[W]String got new variant of ReverseFind method.



There is a new static method Ctrl::GetEventId to help identify individual GUI events, intended for use in caching schemes.



Update system was parametrised.

Handling of active file type in FileSel was improved.

Splitter now has WhenSplitFinish.



Got support for fill patterns.



SysInfo: Added CPU temperature monitoring and improved battery status.

Functions4U: Added new SVG color functions and doc.

Controls4U: Added ActiveX controls (VLC and web browsing).

MtAlt: Added support for fast 5-argument callbacks (copy and pick version).

Form: Form core package, Editor and sample.

Scatter: Added SetSequentialX and SetFastViewX for faster refresh.

Docking: Bug fixes, some small feature additions.

ExpandFrame/ExpanderCtrl: Fixes fopr horizontal alignment.

AESStream: Added SHA2 functions.


2361 (4 May 2010)



Packages now sorted by directory closeness to main package directory, names later - puts main package nest or main package subpackages first in the list





ArrayIndex: Added Detach, PopDetach

XmlRpc: Added bool XmlRpcPerform(Socket& http, const char *group);



Added ArrayCtrl WhenScroll

ColumnList: AutoHideSb

FileSel: list is autohide

EditField ReadOnly Ctrl+C fix

DocEdit: NoEofLine

RichEdit now supports dropping Image files

SqlCtrl: SqlArray has new WhenFilter Gate (able to filter records being fetched)



Optional SqlSession errorhandler routing is now installable

SqlSession: First SQL error is recorded (until ClearError) instead of last



New IT-IT translation


2232 (17 March 2010)



Sorting of package has been improved, placing project packages first

Insert menu now has typedef ... CLASSNAME entry.

FileSel was improved by adding Places with common directories.





XmlRpc has improved error handling.

Xmlize now supports all Core Value types and has got support for Value serialization.

XmlParser has got new Peek methods. Socket has new GetPeerAddr method.

CParser now provides the information about current column.



TabCtrl has new Find/Set/Remove/Insert methods using reference to slave instead of index.



RichTextView now have "ShrinkOversizedObjects" option.


2070 (16 February 2010)



User interface for Find and Replace was significantly reworked

Current editor line is now highlighted in the left bar.





Support for Win32 .lnk files (GetSymLinkPath function, FindFile::IsSymLink method) - same interface as for Posix symlinks.

ConvertDate has new Truncate option (truncates Time to Date), corresponding StdConvertDateTruncate global Convert added.



SliderCtrl widget, has new Jump method.

ArrayCtrl class has new WhenMouseMove Callback.

EditField has new WhenEnter callback.

TabCtrl has new NoAccept option



The search for missing glyphs (i18n issue) was optimized.


1952 (27 January 2010)



Improved installation in Win32 with support for the latest Win32 SDK.

Helpsystem has vastly improved searching capabilities.

Build process now supports new link options - Posix releases now use "gc-sections" linker option to dramatically reduce the size of resulting binaries (up to 40%).





File selector (FileSel class) got networking support in Win32.

TrayIcon in X11 now supports notifications.

TopWindow in X11 now supports SetAlphs.



Image rescaling algorithm was improved for better downscaling.



Containers now have a new debugging utility to resolve pick semantic errors.


1824 (21 December 2009)



Autosetup now recognizes Win32 SDK 7.0.





XmlRpc package adds support for XML-RPC based webservices.

LanguageInfo has been completely refactored.



GoogleTranslator: New version.

Functions4U: New package with additional functions to complement Core and CtrlLib.

Controls4U: New package with additional graphic controls.

SysInfo: Improved Unicode support.


1713 (30 November 2009)



.t files are now saved with strings converted by escaping >127 characters (and back on loading). This fixes venerable problem of UTF-8 string literals in CJK Windows and MSC compiler.





TreeCtrl InsertDrop now returns ids of inserted nodes.

A new set of utility functions that simplify selecting files introduced (see http://www.ultimatepp.org/src$CtrlLib$FileSelUtil$en-us.html)

HeaderCtrl columns now can have a tooltip

SliderCtrl now allows reversed orientation (thanks avpavp!)



New much more effective speller dictionary format, utilities required to convert OpenOffice speller dictionaries into U++ speller files.

Labeled paragraphs now marked with arrow displayed in the left bar.

Previously private StyleManager class capable of managing paragraph styles has been made public.



New methods ChoosePrinter, ChooseDefault printer allow selecting printer BEFORE report is created, setting the physical page size based on chosen printer.



In Win32, console applications no longer pop up a MessageBox when panicking, instead they write the panic string on the error output and terminate.



Multiline popups now allowed, using GridDisplay to paint the content.



New functions to SysInfo

Urr - UDP request-response protocol added


1659 (26 October 2009)






New Split variant with String delimiter

ConvertTime Min, Max

Core, CtrlLib: ConvertDate, ConvertTime now have Default method -> propagates to date/time widgets as well...

PostgreSQL: GetInsertedId now supported for tables with primary key 'id'

CtrlLib: MenuBar WhenOpenSubMenu, WhenCloseSubMenu callbacks

Sql, SqlExp: Sql::InsertNoKey(Fields) ommits first column - intended for key with autoincrement




Minor IDE speed improvements - removed unnecessary Assist++ package check when inserting / removing separators and auxiliary package contents

Package selector now shows app icons if available


1607 (07 October 2009)





DisplayWithIcon (Display that adds an icon to any other Display)

AttrText now has 'SetImage' (places the icon to the left of  text)

CtrlLib: DropTree widget

Web: void AttachSocket(Socket& socket, SOCKET s, bool blocking)

MSSQL: IdentityInsert helper (bypass of IDENTITY column insertion)

CtrlCore: RegisterSystemHotKey (system-wide hotkey)


1579 (23 September 2009)




Core: Added support for many various 8-bit encodings

Geom: Added new Computational Geometry algorithm: 2D convex hull calculation (ConvexHullOrder)

Sql: SqlExp, SqlSelect AsTable, Joins accept SqlSet

RichText: Optimized by caching paragraph data and layout

Draw, plugin/tif: Added GetActivePage support

Fixed a lot of minor bugs


1517 (19 August 2009)


Major overhaul graphics infrastructure is finished, U++ is now capable of headless drawing operations

(e.g. drawing graphics and text into .png files in console applications, without X11)


Minor improvements:




RegExp fixed to work with mingw, added GetMatchPos method

SetSurface functions for optimized raw output of RGBA data to screen

Added Blackfin CPU support into Core

EditField::NullText method now can provide an icon

RichText, Report: RichTextLayoutTracer ability

Core: Added StringStream::Reserve




Added package internal include paths

Ctrl+mouse wheel changes font size


1314 (17 June 2009)





Fixed several X11/Compiz/SCIM compatibility issues


QTF: Added text-type rich object format


Added WhenMoveRow, CancelMove

Improved search results highlighting




Import directory source tree into package

Support for multiline svn commit messages

Assist++ now supports SQL schema files

FileTabs now persistent

Non-fixed pitch fonts allowed in editor (used as fixed...)


1254 (03 June 2009)




Various improvements in SQL related stuff (SqlPerformScript, SqlBinary enable for PGSQL)




Highlighting of .sch and .sql files

Find in files now has separate output console

Select package dialog 'All' option replaced by the selection of more understandable options, main packages now displayed bold


1205 (18 May 2009)




New GUI multithreading architecture




Layout designer: option to resize dialog without springs

No more confusing switches of .lay, .iml to text mode (instead designer)

One more redesign of code navigator

Ctrl+Click onto symbol jumps to its definition

Package selector now shows the nest


1126 (5 May 2009)




Change in SetDateFilter format, cleanup in related docs

Improved translation docs

Added runtime check for serializing RichValue with missing Register

Docking: CreateDockable<T> now returns type T

mrjt's MultiList now merged into ColumnList

TabBar: Tab Stacking and sorting added. Other changes.

Drawing refactored





Refactored CodeNavigator, search symbol (Ctrl+Q) now copies current id search field


1096 (26 April 2009)




Painter: High quality, "SVG/PDF strength" software renderer

HttpClient improvements

JPGRaster now can read EXIF thumbnails

ODBC SQL interface

Microsoft SQL Server interface improved

Multithreading: ConditionVarable and LazyUpdate classes

LocalProcess class

RichText: EncodeHTML support for superscript, subscript, strikeout

and smallcaps

Mersenne twister based Random




Win32 .pdb debugger:

shows tooltip with values of variables

improved displaying of strings in pdb debugger

watches are remembered, Clear all watches function, Drag&Drop to watches

Packages can be sorted by name

Packages now can be colored and assigned bold/italic font

Package files underlined if recently changed

SVN support, SVN history of file

Compare with file, compare with patch


New heurestic error recovery of C++ parser

New code navigator bar

Position of Assist parameter info improved

Context go to (Alt+J) now jumps to layout designer when invoked on layout class template

Topic++ finished; documentation now visible (and editable) as tooltip annotations of sources

Abbreviations: e.g. type "i" and press Ctrl+[.] to expand it to if() ;

Icon editor: free angle rotation

Insert" color or U++ specific includes (.lay, .iml, .tpp group)

Print command (of source files)

Editor: ToUpper/Lower/InitCaps/SwapCase


2008.1 (28 July 2008)




New very fast String/WString implementation

New high performance (mostly) lock-free heap allocator,

Improved multithreading support

CoWork multicore loop paralelization class

Unified Drag&Drop support

PostgreSQL support

Win64 support (except debugger)

QuickTabs class

HeaderCtrl can now move (reorganize) tabs

ArrayCtrl automated column sorting

Chameleon Look&feel improvements under GTK and Vista




Topic++ documentation editor now integrated into main window

Help Help integrated into main window


2007.1 (11 April 2007)




Pdf export and printing in Linux finished

Raster image infrastructure completely reworked

"Chameleon" skinning system which allows both native look of U++ applications across platforms AND custom skins to be designed/used.

New useful widgets: GridCtrl, CalendarCtrl and DateTimeCtrl

Sql expressions are now adjusted before being executed on particular RDBMS target

Library moved to Upp namespace

FreeBSD port is now regular part of U++

Experimental PocketPC support was introduced

Library fixed to support ARM and PowerPC CPUs

A lot of new documentation and tutorials

Many minor improvements and bug fixes




New Icon designer (supports alpha channel and has tools to produce antialiased icons)




FreeBSD port available

Ubuntu .deb packages released


605 (15 May 2006)




XML parser refinements (faster, easier to use)




"Hydra build" - multi-CPU building

further Assist++ improvements




new Windows installer - download size reduced by 50%



602 (28 February 2006)




New Report package.

Fixed multi-threading issues in Linux.





Fixed many C++ parsing issues and optimized

"Virtual methods" tool

"THISBACKs" tool

"Generate code.." tool of Layout designer able to generate useful code snippets

"Show opposite" (Alt+O) switches .h/.cpp files

"Complete identifier" (Alt+,) - based on identifiers in the file (no C++ parsing intelligence)

Fixed support for global variables in PDB debugger

Package organizer redesigned, "When" conditions now support logical operators, "uses" can be conditional

New fine-grained optimization system with "Optimize for speed" / "Optimize for size" / "Optimal" (only explicitly marked files are optimized for speed) modes

New TheIDE command-line mode, including compilation (via umk utility)



511 (20 November 2005)


U++ Library


New XML support in Core

Linux/AMD64 is now supported

X11 fixes improve stability with less common window managers, input method problem fixed as well

New kind of callbacks - pteback - to avoid dangling callback situation problem

Sqlite was added as source-based plugin together with U++ adapter

A lot of new documentation




File tabs are redesigned

Source editor has now scripting language

"Calculator" console

Layout of IDE now redesigned, bottom pane now contains browser/console/debugger/calculator switched by tabs


Improved C++ code analysis now able to resolve class hierarchy issues, code browser now displays base classes, methods, virtual methods, overrides etc...

New assist function now suggests list of methods and attributes after typing '->' or '.' or after Ctrl+Space.

Navigate in the file and Navigate functions simplify moving to symbol with specified name

Copy definition/declaration is able to convert method declaration (inside class declaration) to definition and back (works with more than one method as well)

Goto definition/declaration moves between definitions and declarations of current method




U++/Win now ships with SDL library and contains nice SDLExample as well as SDL project templates.


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