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Upcoming release

2018.1 (rev 11834) (Mar 2018)


New low-overhead CoWork parallelization method / pattern - Loop

Throughout the Core, many rvalue / universal reference related optimizations

CoPartition optimized to perform the work in calling thread if data size is small

SeedRandom without parameter now reseeds the random with host entropy

Array/Vector new Get/Set methods

New features for WebSocket client mode



plugin/bz2: Streaming support



Co Option to run parallel




PdfDraw: DrawJPEG to directly embed JPEG compressed images into PDF


GUI programming

In Windows, owned windows now have minimize box disabled (as minimizing of owned windows leads to strange behaviour)

LineEdit::WhenScroll event

New OptionBox widget (Option with LabelBox like graphics, also able to automatically enable/disable contained widgets)

FileSel now has option to add widgets into the dialog (e.g. to specify save format)




Very long files (>400MB) are now opened for view rather than edit.

Some trivial merge conflict helper tools

IconDes improvements

Esc scripting language now has 'continue' statement



Current release

2017.2 (rev 11540) (Dec 2017)


New AsyncWork class - U++ future-alike tool

CoWork: Exception propagation from worker threads, job cancellation support.

Bits class optimized, it is now possible to set multiple bits (count parameter)

WebSocket refactored for asynchronous operation

UTF-32 support functions, UnicodeCompose and UnicodeDecompose functions, support for UTF16 surrogate pairs

DeleteFolderDeep now deletes symlinks

MakeOne function (alternative to One::Create)

LoadFromFile, StoreToFile - Event variant

ReverseRange and SortedRange

Server Name Indicator support in Socket and HttpRequest

SSL1.1 API support



GUI programming

ArrayCtrl: Improvements in sorting, new public GetCellRect, GetCellRectM, GetSelKeys, SetRowDisplay, SetColumnDisplay, AcceptRow methods

Button NakedStyle style.

WithDropChoice: Set/Remove entry in drop-down list

TextCtrl::Load refactored, now can break very long (>1MB) lines

TreeCtrl: GetOpenIds, OpenIds

IdCtrls, SqlCtrls refactored, improved

Option: SetColor

Edit...Spin: RoundFromMin modifier method

ColorPopup now has button to enter the color as text

New features in ScatterDraw, ScatterCtrl

Header / Footer can now be changed using paragraph properties

QTFDisplay now ignores text color / paper if style is not normal


Improved debugging of console applications with MinGW

Debugging with GDB is now much more stable

Macro manager

Explicit "Go to line.. "operation (in addition to Navigator)

BRC now supports LZ4, LZMA and Zstd compression

File comparison tool improved

Directory comparison now can show/filter new/modified/removed files

Dark theme highlighting

Duplicate package function

"Find all" button in normal Search (finds all occurrences in current file).

HexView now remembers position

Selection can be interpreted as error list

TheIDE now shows the number of selected characters

Tab size now possible on per-file basis

Repository synchronize refactored, now supports both svn and git

Layout visgen improvements

TheIDE  now supports Visual Studio 2017 C++ compiler auto setup

MS build tools auto setup

3rd party modules

MinGW 64 updated to GCC-7.2.0

OpenSSL for VC++ updated to 1.0.2l

plugin/lz4: lz4 updated to 1.7.3

plugin/bz2: updated to 1.0.6

plugin/jpg: updated to version 9b

plugin/pcre: updated to 8.41

plugin/png: updated to 1.2.57

plugin/sqlite3: updated to 3.17.9

plugin/z: Updated to 1.2.11

plugin/Eigen: Updated to version 3.3.4



Archival releases:

If you are looking for informations about archival releases - you can find them on the following site.

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