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Current release

2019.2 (rev 13664) (October 2019)



Allocator huge block handling optimized, memory consumption improved in specific cases

Index refactored to reduce sizeof and improve performance in specific cases

Introduced workaround for Mingw TLS performance issue

pick/clone semantics refined in several places

Random algorithm changed to xoshiro256**

Uuid generation optimized

Fast U++ allocator is now used internally where possible even if standard allocator us used for new/delete (with USEMALLOC flag)

pick/clone refinements

Value::Compare optimized for standard types



SVG parser improvements

GLCtrl new method ExecuteGL to execute code with correct GL context

Font metrics optimized for MingW with TLS optimization workaround



ArrayCtrl sorting improved

CtrlMapper small helper class

DropList supports Add with initializer_list

FileSelButton WhenSelected Event

FileSel has now more sorting options, PreSelect now supports Save As too



SetGridLines callbacks



Console output now supports search

Font settings 'set to defaults' button

Debugger now has arrow buttons to change frame without dropping the list

New GUI patch tool

GDB debugger frontend now has memory tab

Icon designer export to .png now exports uhd/dark variants too

Main config dialog now can drag/drop (or move) lines

Run options dialog got new buttons to insert file path / directory path into commandline args

pkg-config support


Previous release

2019.1 (rev 13068) (May 2019)


General improvements

MacOS X support

Improved support for UHD displays

Improved support for dark themes



Core/SSH: SSH protocol support

XMLRPC improvements (protocol version, support for i8 type)

WebSockets improvements

ToAscii, ToUpperAscii, ToLowerAscii functions optimized

New CoWork variant CoWorkNX solves an compilation problem when using CoWork as member variable

DarkTheme function inverts Color luminosity for dark themes support (dark colors become light, light colors dark, but color remains)

MakeOne is now changed to function

LocalProcess now allows setting current directory for started process



Various improvements of Image designer

'Disable UHD mode' option for testing applications

GDB interface improvements: Now possible to stop running application and to set breakpoints while application runs

Compare with clipboard function

Initial setup improved

New dialog for setting up project assemblies

PDB debugger improvements: now displays INF and NAN for floats, fixed termination issues

Selfupgrade feature (ide compiles itself and replaces the binary)



Improved jpeg EXIF support

RichText now suggests corrections for misspelled words.

RichText now supports .svg images

GLCtrl refactored, changed to use single context per application (allows sharing resources, e.g. textures, between widgets), support for GTK fixed, MSAA supported in Win32

VirtualGui is a new package to implement working 'fullscreen' GUI by implementing a SystemDraw and a dozen of virtual methods, intended for use with e.g. games. VirtualGUI/SDL2GL is an implementation with SDL2.

Painter is heavily optimized for multithreaded rendering.

PostgreSQL now supports RETURNING clause in SqlExp.

New plugin/tess2 package (tesselation) and plugin/glm (OpenGL maths support).



U++ now ships with speller files for multiple languages


Win32 Release

Now ships with SDL2, MySQL and PostgreSQL client libraries

mingw64 upgraded to 8.1.0

mingw64 now using lld linker - link times with mingw are now practically zero

OpenSSL updated 1.0.2r

plugin/jpg updated to 9c

plugin/tif updated to 4.0.10

plugin/lz4 updated to 1.8.3

plugin/zstd updated to 1.3.8

plugin/lzma updated to 19.0

plugin/pcre updated to 8.43

plugin/sqlite3 updated to 3.27.2


Archival releases:

If you are looking for informations about archival releases - you can find them on the following site.

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