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How to contribute. Web page


Thanks to your help U++ web page is getting better, more complete and translated.


Here we show you the ways you can help.



Basic help


If you are new in U++ and do not know how to use T++ you still can help.


Post your translations, fixes and patches or propose new pages in U++ Forum. Be sure they will be acknowledged and somebody will upload them for you.



Advanced help


These are the steps to upload your changes.



Access to U++ SVN version control system


To begin you will need the latest sources and permission to upload your web changes. It is explained here.



Upp web editing


First get the latest svn source. It is important as you are going to edit the web page.


Open the packages where you want to enter the changes:





Edit .tpp files using T++


Finally upload (commit) changes to U++



Please do not modify contents made by other directly. It is better first to recommend the changes and ask for permission.


After that the day after you will see the web page updated. The secret of this is that U++ hosting system will compile and run uppweb package converting this index package and your T++ help system into .html web pages.



If nothing works


If nothing works or you do not feel comfortable in doing this you can send a post to Forum asking for help or just send me a post. I will do it for you.