Bug #1230

RichText view - standard font is too big (due to UHD feature)

Added by Zbigniew Rebacz over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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Target version:Release 2015.2

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#1 Updated by Zbigniew Rebacz over 8 years ago

OK, About.cpp with new values:

    AboutDlg() {
        Size isz = MakeLogo(*this, ctrl);
        int cx = min(Zx(850), GetWorkArea().GetWidth()); // <- this
        SetRect(0, 0, cx, isz.cy);
        about.SetQTF(GetTopic("ide/app/About$en-us"), Zoom(Zy(105), 1024)); // <- this
        about.SetZoom(Zoom(1, 1));
        about.RightPos(0, cx - isz.cx).VSizePos();
        Background(PaintRect(ColorDisplay(), SColorPaper()));
        Title("About TheIDE");

#2 Updated by Zbigniew Rebacz over 8 years ago

For help it could be something like that:

    zoom.d = 1000000 / Zy(800);

For About you can change also:

int cx = min(Zx(850), GetWorkArea().GetWidth());


int cx = min(Zx(800), GetWorkArea().GetWidth());

but it is optional.

#3 Updated by Miroslav Fidler over 8 years ago

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