Bug #1661

Problem When there is a space in Upp path (gdb does not find exefile, && problem using windres)

Added by Zbigniew Rebacz over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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I have to install upp in Program Files, so I found the following two bug:

1: gdb does not find the exe file

solution: add quote before and after the path of the exe file
in ide\Debuggers\Gdb.cpp line 338
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    dbg = host->StartProcess(GdbCommand(console) + "\"" + GetHostPath(exefile) + "\"");

2: windres does not find the preprocessor
in it's internal, windres use it's path (without quotes) as base in order to find the propressor.
solution: call windres using it's ShortPath:
in ide\Builders\GccBuilder.cpp, line 217:
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                exec << GetHostPathShort( FindInDirs(((LocalHost*)host)->exedirs, "windres.exe")) << " -i " << GetHostPathQ(fn);

instead of:
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                exec << "windres -i " << GetHostPathQ(fn);


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