Bug #2063

GTestUIExample compilation error on mac due to lack of image comparision on macOS

Added by Zbigniew Rebacz over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

Status:ApprovedStart date:09/10/2020
Priority:HighDue date:
Assignee:Zbigniew Rebacz% Done:


Category:DrawSpent time:-
Target version:Release 2020.2


It seems that mac draw is lack of some featuer to compare draws:

TEST_F(AppWindowTest, ApperanceTest)
    const String fileName = "MyAppWindow.png";

    ImageDraw id(window->GetRect().Size());

    PNGEncoder encoder;
    if (!FileExists(fileName)) {
        encoder.SaveFile(fileName, id);
        ASSERT_TRUE(false) << "Non found referal window image. Creating new one and failing test..\n";

    auto img = StreamRaster::LoadFileAny(fileName);
    EXPECT_EQ(img, id); // <- This line doesn't work (GTK and WIN32 are fine with it).

Potential blocker for 2020.2 release.


#1 Updated by Miroslav Fidler over 3 years ago

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Hopefully fixed.

#2 Updated by Zbigniew Rebacz over 3 years ago

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Thanks! It works.

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