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CodeEditor should display all C++20 keywords

Added by Zbigniew Rebacz over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

Status:ApprovedStart date:10/24/2020
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Target version:Release 2021.1


I updated keywords cpp keywords for CodeEditor (C++20 compatible), also I sorted all keywords alphabetically for easier managment:

    static const char *cpp[] = {
        "__asm", "__cdecl", "__declspec", "__except", "__fastcall",
        "__finally", "__inline", "__int16", "__int32", "__int64",
        "__int8", "__leave", "__stdcall", "__try", "__uuidof",
        "alignas", "alignof", "and", "and_eq", "asm", "auto",
        "bitand", "bitor", "bool", "break","case", "catch",
        "char", "char8_t", "char16_t", "char32_t", "class",
        "co_await", "co_return", "co_yield", "compl", "concept",
        "const", "const_cast", "consteval", "constexpr", "constinit",
        "continue", "decltype", "default", "delete", "dllexport",
        "dllimport", "do", "double", "dynamic_cast", "else", "enum",
        "explicit", "export", "extern" "false", "final", "float",
        "for", "force_inline", "friend", "goto", "if", "import",
        "inline", "int", "long", "module" "mutable", "namespace",
        "never_inline", "new", "noexcept", "not", "not_eq", "nullptr",
        "operator", "or", "or_eq", "override", "private", "protected",
        "public", "register", "reinterpret_cast", "requires", "return",
        "short", "signed", "sizeof", "static", "static_assert",
        "static_cast", "struct", "switch", "template", "this", "thread",
        "thread_local", "throw", "true", "try", "typedef", "typeid",
        "typename", "union", "unsigned", "using", "virtual",
        "void", "volatile", "wchar_t", "while", "xor", "xor_eq",

Verity with https://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/keyword.

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