From 12/01/2015 to 12/30/2015


08:46 PM Feature #1362 (Approved): CodeEditor can make ident when public, private, protected is written
We have got following scenario:... Zbigniew Rebacz


10:18 PM Task #1361 (Approved): Android manifest generation in upt should have tab indentations
Zbigniew Rebacz
05:23 PM Feature #1008 (Approved): TheIDE: U++ local installation on POSIX. Remove *.bm files, not just GC...
Sender Ghost


11:16 PM Feature #1360 (Approved): Tuple can support Variadic template in c++11
In C++11 there is possibility that template arguments have got infinit arguments via Variadic template - https://en.w... Zbigniew Rebacz


12:29 PM Bug #1359 (Approved): MINGW64 .rc issue Miroslav Fidler
12:27 PM Feature #1358 (Approved): Optimize memory allocator: ideas
- precheck remote_free before locking the mutex
- in remote free of small blocks, establish per-heap caching list, t...
Miroslav Fidler


06:31 PM Bug #1357 (Approved): Alt+L shall do GoBack when the log file is opened (patch included) Zbigniew Rebacz
06:28 PM Bug #1356 (Approved): TheIDE menubar entry Assist/THISBACKs.. (Alt + T) does not work Zbigniew Rebacz
01:25 PM Feature #1352 (Approved): Python syntax
Applied, thanks. Good addition. Miroslav Fidler


09:17 PM Task #1355 (New): Comments keyword should be more independent from CSyntax
Now only CSyntax has got access to this feature, other syntax cannot use it Zbigniew Rebacz


01:09 PM Feature #1354 (Rejected): Reconsider Switch Miroslav Fidler
09:24 AM Feature #1347 (Approved): Core: Consider using pick in callbackN
Miroslav Fidler


10:18 PM Feature #1353 (Patch ready): Tag syntax could support indentations
Example:... Zbigniew Rebacz
06:39 PM Feature #1352 (Patch ready): Python syntax
Zbigniew Rebacz
05:59 PM Feature #1352 (Approved): Python syntax
Simply python highlighter with ability to detect indentation. Zbigniew Rebacz


02:46 PM Task #751 (Approved): GIT
Miroslav Fidler


07:54 PM Bug #1341: Menubar icon bar on Windows is too high due to HiDPI feature
Added screenshot from Windows Explorer. Zbigniew Rebacz
12:24 PM Bug #1341 (In Progress): Menubar icon bar on Windows is too high due to HiDPI feature
Zbigniew Rebacz
04:14 PM Feature #1351 (New): If separator is close it can move whole group
- separator (closed)
- separator file 1 (hide)
- separator file 2 (hide)
Dragin separator should move file 1 & f...
Zbigniew Rebacz


12:48 PM Bug #1051 (Approved): IDE - add release information
Zbigniew Rebacz
12:47 PM Bug #1350 (Approved): ide: error dialog should offer option to copy error to clipboard
Currently to copy error message you need to switch to console and found it. Process can be speed up by Zbigniew Rebacz


02:28 PM Bug #1349 (Rejected): Core: boost issue with t_ Miroslav Fidler

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