From 12/03/2015 to 01/01/2016


08:46 PM Feature #1362 (Approved): CodeEditor can make ident when public, private, protected is written
We have got following scenario:... Zbigniew Rebacz


10:18 PM Task #1361 (Approved): Android manifest generation in upt should have tab indentations
Zbigniew Rebacz
05:23 PM Feature #1008 (Approved): TheIDE: U++ local installation on POSIX. Remove *.bm files, not just GC...
Sender Ghost


11:16 PM Feature #1360 (Approved): Tuple can support Variadic template in c++11
In C++11 there is possibility that template arguments have got infinit arguments via Variadic template - https://en.w... Zbigniew Rebacz


12:29 PM Bug #1359 (Approved): MINGW64 .rc issue Miroslav Fidler
12:27 PM Feature #1358 (Approved): Optimize memory allocator: ideas
- precheck remote_free before locking the mutex
- in remote free of small blocks, establish per-heap caching list, t...
Miroslav Fidler


06:31 PM Bug #1357 (Approved): Alt+L shall do GoBack when the log file is opened (patch included) Zbigniew Rebacz
06:28 PM Bug #1356 (Approved): TheIDE menubar entry Assist/THISBACKs.. (Alt + T) does not work Zbigniew Rebacz
01:25 PM Feature #1352 (Approved): Python syntax
Applied, thanks. Good addition. Miroslav Fidler


09:17 PM Task #1355 (New): Comments keyword should be more independent from CSyntax
Now only CSyntax has got access to this feature, other syntax cannot use it Zbigniew Rebacz


01:09 PM Feature #1354 (Rejected): Reconsider Switch Miroslav Fidler
09:24 AM Feature #1347 (Approved): Core: Consider using pick in callbackN
Miroslav Fidler


10:18 PM Feature #1353 (Patch ready): Tag syntax could support indentations
Example:... Zbigniew Rebacz
06:39 PM Feature #1352 (Patch ready): Python syntax
Zbigniew Rebacz
05:59 PM Feature #1352 (Approved): Python syntax
Simply python highlighter with ability to detect indentation. Zbigniew Rebacz


02:46 PM Task #751 (Approved): GIT
Miroslav Fidler


07:54 PM Bug #1341: Menubar icon bar on Windows is too high due to HiDPI feature
Added screenshot from Windows Explorer. Zbigniew Rebacz
12:24 PM Bug #1341 (In Progress): Menubar icon bar on Windows is too high due to HiDPI feature
Zbigniew Rebacz
04:14 PM Feature #1351 (New): If separator is close it can move whole group
- separator (closed)
- separator file 1 (hide)
- separator file 2 (hide)
Dragin separator should move file 1 & f...
Zbigniew Rebacz

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