From 07/23/2016 to 08/21/2016


09:04 PM Bug #1516 (New): Check utf-8 issue Miroslav Fidler
07:24 PM Bug #1515 (Approved): HTML list should be outside when exporting rich text
I think we have got problem with exporting list - it is not exactly the same list we have got in our rich text editor... Zbigniew Rebacz


02:48 PM Bug #1491 (Approved): ide: Copy all in error pane crashes
Miroslav Fidler


07:15 PM Feature #1510 (Approved): External debugger MSVC could be preconfigured
Miroslav Fidler
12:55 PM Bug #1506 (Approved): Problem in RichTxt
Miroslav Fidler


09:44 AM Bug #1506 (Approved): Problem in RichTxt
See Forum message:
Iñaki Zabala

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