From 10/26/2020 to 11/24/2020


03:46 PM Feature #2112 (Approved): ide debugger could highlight CoWork Pool threads (based on backtrace)
Miroslav Fidler
03:24 PM Bug #2111 (Approved): FileSel: Do not store known folder to global LRU list documents... Miroslav Fidler
11:16 AM Feature #2110 (Approved): Ide compare with file: Overwrite selection
Somewhat difficult, but would be quite useful... Miroslav Fidler


12:37 AM Bug #2086 (Approved): Missing plugin/ docs in www
Miroslav Fidler
02:38 PM Feature #2109 (Approved): Update CLANG
Miroslav Fidler


10:42 PM Task #2108 (Approved): Add 1,15 interline to rich edit
We should support this line spacing value 1,15 as other text editors do like LibreOffice Writer. Zbigniew Rebacz
04:43 PM Bug #2107 (Approved): Support .a generation by umk
- two forms: main package .a, complete .a Miroslav Fidler
04:42 PM Bug #2106 (New): Investigate limit len of String for reference counting
Miroslav Fidler
04:41 PM Bug #2105 (Approved): Use thread_local desctructor to make allocator compatible
Miroslav Fidler
02:22 PM Bug #2104 (Approved): MacOS SignPDF does not compile
Miroslav Fidler
11:18 AM Bug #2104 (Approved): MacOS SignPDF does not compile
Miroslav Fidler
10:46 AM Feature #2102 (Approved): for(Ctrl *q = GetFirstChild(); q; q = q->GetNext()) could be written as...
Miroslav Fidler
10:04 AM Feature #2083 (Approved): Layout files namespaces
Miroslav Fidler
10:04 AM Feature #2085 (Approved): Can we have Array a.Create<>(param) ?
Miroslav Fidler


12:06 AM Bug #2103 (Rejected): Improve docs
This is already documented. What I would like to said in my message that the new functionality should be documented :... Zbigniew Rebacz
08:57 PM Bug #2103 (Rejected): Improve docs Miroslav Fidler


11:38 AM Feature #2102 (Approved): for(Ctrl *q = GetFirstChild(); q; q = q->GetNext()) could be written as...
..with little effort implementing Children function and appropriate collection. Miroslav Fidler


09:05 PM Feature #2101 (Approved): 32byte String could be inlined in allocator
Miroslav Fidler
09:12 AM Feature #2100 (Rejected): ArrayCtrl: Set, Insert, Append One
Miroslav Fidler


03:34 PM Bug #2099 (Rejected): It would be better not to call Layout before widget constructor...
Miroslav Fidler


11:10 PM Bug #2098 (Approved): ide: Open shell
Miroslav Fidler
11:12 AM Bug #2097 (Approved): HTML export of RichText doesn't respect color formating
The bug is on following site:
Zbigniew Rebacz


07:53 PM Bug #2096 (Approved): DropList can not be closed on macOS by clicking on window empty area
This works fine on Windows and on Linux probably too, but on Mac you can close drop list by Esc or switching to anoth... Zbigniew Rebacz
11:56 AM Bug #2088 (Approved): In Package organizer, comment language content seems doubled.
Miroslav Fidler
11:56 AM Feature #2079 (Approved): Optimize Vector::RemoveIf
Miroslav Fidler
11:05 AM Feature #2080: Add support for physical forward/backword mouse buttons
Cheap mouse with this function ordered for testing:) Miroslav Fidler
11:03 AM Bug #2090 (Approved): ide: Compare with the next file
Miroslav Fidler
10:25 AM Feature #2092 (Approved): CodeEditor should display all C++20 keywords
Miroslav Fidler


02:13 PM Feature #2081 (Approved): Optimize String::Compary
Miroslav Fidler
10:07 AM Feature #2091 (Approved): ide: Copy position on clipboard, Goto clipboard position
Miroslav Fidler
10:06 AM Bug #2093 (Approved): WantFocus .lay issue
Miroslav Fidler


09:21 PM Feature #2095 (New): Add missing exceptions to App.cpp
Miroslav Fidler
10:53 AM Feature #2094 (Rejected): ide: Assets directory
Miroslav Fidler
01:14 AM Bug #2093 (Approved): WantFocus .lay issue Miroslav Fidler

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