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2012BugPatch readyNormalRemove more than one inclusion of header file(s)Miroslav Fidler02/16/2020 11:10 PMSender Ghost
2007BugPatch readyNormalMinimal set for pkg-config dependencies in uppsrc/CtrlCore and uppsrc/Draw packagesMiroslav Fidler01/22/2020 12:02 PMSender Ghost
1995BugRejectedNormalDraw: The xcb library dependency is not required for uppsrc/Draw package on FreeBSDMiroslav Fidler01/19/2020 04:16 PMDrawSender Ghost
1994BugRejectedNormalCtrlCore: Xinerama library dependency required for "GUI .NOGTK" on FreeBSDMiroslav Fidler01/19/2020 03:40 PMCtrlCoreSender Ghost
1993FeaturePatch readyNormalIde/Builders: U++ builder for clang-tidyMiroslav Fidler02/06/2020 01:27 PMIDESender Ghost
1992FeatureApprovedNormalIconDes: Line endings support for image designerSender Ghost10/09/2019 02:25 PMIconDesSender Ghost
1990FeatureApprovedNormalide/LayDes: Line endings support for layout designerSender Ghost10/09/2019 02:24 PMIDESender Ghost
1805BugRejectedNormalCore: The Clang 3.4 compiler supports std::decay_t template with using -std=c++1y and C++14 capable library11/12/2017 02:33 PMCoreSender Ghost
1649BugNewNormalCtrlCore: 'CurrentTime' macro redefined in GtkX11Util.cpp fileMiroslav Fidler02/24/2017 09:03 PMCtrlCoreSender Ghost
1648TaskApprovedNormaluppsrc/plugin/z: Update to 1.2.11 versionMiroslav Fidler02/26/2017 09:41 AMGeneralSender Ghost
1647TaskApprovedNormaluppsrc/plugin/sqlite3: Update to 3.17.0 versionMiroslav Fidler02/25/2017 04:45 PMGeneralSender Ghost
1008FeatureApprovedNormalTheIDE: U++ local installation on POSIX. Remove *.bm files, not just GCC.bmSender Ghost12/25/2015 05:23 PMIDESender Ghost
1007BugApprovedNormalThe IsNaN and IsInf function implementations on PLATFORM_BSDMiroslav Fidler03/07/2015 08:22 PMCoreSender Ghost
935FeatureApprovedNormalTheIDE: Generate command line options for buildingMiroslav Fidler01/02/2015 05:18 PMIDESender Ghost
906BugApprovedNormalThe _Atomic_word and __exchange_and_add issue on FreeBSD LLVM/Clang compilerMiroslav Fidler10/20/2014 08:21 PMCoreSender Ghost
499BugApprovedHighUndefined POSIXMiroslav Fidler08/08/2013 10:35 AMSender Ghost
497BugApprovedNormalIde/Browser: ParseItemNatural function with empty nameSender Ghost07/30/2013 06:48 PMIDESender Ghost
491BugApprovedNormalCtrlLib: EditNumber functions on MinGW GCC07/14/2013 09:38 AMCtrlLibSender Ghost
490FeatureApprovedNormalIde: Add support for VC2013Miroslav Fidler08/25/2013 10:52 AMIDESender Ghost
483FeatureRejectedNormalIde (LayDes): Zoomable and not zoomable layout itemsSender Ghost06/01/2013 10:33 AMIDESender Ghost
479BugApprovedHighCore: AddStackTrace function on FreeBSDMiroslav Fidler05/25/2013 01:50 PMCoreSender Ghost
332BugRejectedHighCtrlLib: MenuBar::Execute changesMiroslav Fidler10/07/2012 01:56 PMCtrlLibSender Ghost
314FeatureApprovedNormalTheIDE: Assist++ support for RPC_METHOD and RPC_GMETHOD definesMiroslav Fidler07/26/2012 09:40 PMIDESender Ghost
306FeatureApprovedNormalTheIDE: Consistent U++ package templates (*.upt)Sender Ghost07/06/2012 02:02 PMIDESender Ghost
305FeatureApprovedNormalTheIDE: Internal includes for "Context go to" and "include assist"Sender Ghost07/06/2012 02:02 PMIDESender Ghost

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