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1948BugApprovedNormalGridCtrl causing wanrings with -Wall flagZbigniew Rebacz04/06/2019 07:39 PMGridCtrlZbigniew Rebacz
1947BugRejectedNormalMultiple entries when topic posses table of contents in topic viewerZbigniew Rebacz04/03/2019 08:33 PMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
1943BugRejectedNormalmacOS, TheIDE: icon package name text size problemMiroslav Fidler04/03/2019 08:32 PMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
1936TaskApprovedNormalCompiling upp with GCC version 8.2.1 causing many warningsZbigniew Rebacz03/24/2019 01:03 PMCoreZbigniew Rebacz
1930BugApprovedNormalMacOS: TheIDE insert color automatically selects color when mouse over windowZbigniew Rebacz02/25/2019 11:07 PMCtrlCoreZbigniew Rebacz
1928BugApprovedNormalThe sub-menu can be trimmed on macOSZbigniew Rebacz02/26/2019 10:50 AMCtrlCoreZbigniew Rebacz
1924BugApprovedNormalMenubar separator is not displayed on macOSZbigniew Rebacz01/18/2019 01:13 PMCtrlLibZbigniew Rebacz
1921BugRejectedNormalBreakpoints shouldn't overlappe the blue area on the editor toolbar01/12/2019 02:29 PMCodeEditorZbigniew Rebacz
1920BugApprovedNormalTheIDE UHD problems on Windows (Small toolbar icons, Synchronize translation files, Splash screen too small)Miroslav Fidler12/03/2018 05:41 PMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
1893FeatureRejectedNormalDropList could support IsEmpty operationMiroslav Fidler09/21/2018 09:40 AMCtrlLibZbigniew Rebacz
1886BugApprovedNormalOpening recursive call stack after crash (recursion limit) leads to IDE not response problemMiroslav Fidler09/21/2018 09:46 AMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
1826BugApprovedNormalLabelBox is not taking into consideration color from layout editor09/20/2018 08:26 AMCtrlLibZbigniew Rebacz


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