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Toggle check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Author
1554FeatureApprovedNormalAdd online search option to code editorMiroslav Fidler10/14/2016 07:15 PMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
1536BugApprovedNormalComparing to 0 in escape dosen't workZbigniew Rebacz12/03/2016 03:02 PMEscZbigniew Rebacz
1463FeatureApprovedNormalAdd icon for file typesZbigniew Rebacz05/30/2016 08:04 PMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
1447FeatureApprovedNormalAdd better way to adding new file to packagesZbigniew Rebacz05/30/2016 08:44 PMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
1434TaskApprovedNormalImageBuffer doc - Links to classes dosen't work (Point Size etc).Zbigniew Rebacz05/01/2016 11:59 AMDocumentationZbigniew Rebacz
1417FeatureApprovedNormalFind File array can display file iconsZbigniew Rebacz01/25/2017 11:49 PMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
1416BugApprovedNormalFind File allow to jump to package seprator (ALT + SHIFT +F)Miroslav Fidler05/08/2016 08:31 AMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
1405BugApprovedNormalEditorTabBar icons is loaded from operating system when package is open (Problem with TabBar serialization)Zbigniew Rebacz04/19/2016 08:50 PMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
1396FeatureApprovedNormalIninit editor splitZbigniew Rebacz04/19/2016 08:45 PMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
1391FeatureApprovedNormalRect operator *(double)11/13/2016 08:12 AMMiroslav Fidler
1389BugApprovedNormalImprove Android Builder debug siggning procedureZbigniew Rebacz04/09/2016 01:41 PMAndroidZbigniew Rebacz
1386BugApprovedNormalShortucts (CTRL+C & CTRL+V) dosen't work on Russian keyboard (GTK backed)04/19/2016 01:38 PMCtrlCoreZbigniew Rebacz
1385BugApprovedLowCTRL + ALT + LEFT/RIGHT dosen;t work in stacking modeZbigniew Rebacz04/19/2016 08:51 PMIDEZbigniew Rebacz


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