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Copyright ©2005-2011 Ing. Tomáš Rylek, Hydrosoft Veleslavín, spol. s r.o.


This is a specialized software for analyzing river flow. A built in editor is used to define cross sections and other river parameters, which can be afterwards subjected to a multitude of hydraulic computations and for generation of various readouts. The software is under development, especially the hydraulic calculator is not yet complete, further development is scheduled for the year 2006.


Database technology:

Currently none (Hydrocheck is a standalone application managing all its data in a transparent XML file). Current data migration features include import and export using plain text files, DBF and RTF files.

Source files:

cca 100 files in 2 special package plus 32 uppsrc packages

Number of lines:

cca 80000 (not including the uppsrc packages)

Application style:

mainly combined graphical and alphanumerical editaton

Distinctive features:

Vector graphics (cross section and chart display, print output generation), heavy numerical computations, customizability based on the built-in expression evaluator. Additional support for GIS data for map-style display.



The project design starts with import of geodetical measurements of the river cross sections. Using the editor, you can equip the individual cross sections with a multitude of descriptive attributes like riverbed roughness and selection of an appropriate numerical approximation model.




After composing the whole river section you can use built-in calculation to calculate steady flow parameters. (As of November 2005, the flow calculator is not yet finished. It is scheduled for further development in the year 2006.)




You can use the collected data to generate printer-ready reports and drawings.



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