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Copyright ©1999-2009 Ing. Norbert Hofer


The Instrument and Maintenance Analyzer (IMAlyzer) is a management and information system for all kinds of maintenance on large production plants and their online and offline analyzing equipment. The application is highly customizable and can be used in a wide range of production processes and industries. The user interface is simple as possible, which makes it easy for everyone to work with. The result is best acceptance on users side.


Database technology:

MS Access, MS SQL, PostGreSql, MySql, Oracle

Source files:

~ 60 files (not including the uppsrc packages)

Number of lines:

~ 30000 (not including the uppsrc packages)

Application style:

Editing process-related information, alphanumerical editation

Distinctive features:

Heavy use of queries, dynamic GUI (full customizing), multi-language support, versioning: each database record has full history which allows tracing of all changes,  multi-user-support: high sophisticated lock mechnism, Some specialized controls (visual and/or technical extensions)


This application uses many of the Ultimate++ specific advantages:


Many supported database systems

The database structure is created with schemes. Therefore the application can be used with any database system Ultimate++ supports. Whole initial database structure and basic data can be created with one command line parameter.


Many supported languages

Application uses integrated internationalization mechanism. The software is available in some different languages – and can be extended with some more in a few minutes.


Many supported operating systems

Application runs under all Ultimate++ supported operating systems. Ultimate++ supports on each OS the native look and feel, so users are familiar with their solution.


After Login

All, except the menu bar and the shown system page, is dynamic and fully customizable. Navigation tree on left side is generated depending on users profile. Each item of this tree has an assigned function – the result is allways shown as a selection list in many various styles (Grid, Calendar, etc.) on right side. You can see the only fix parts of the application in this screenshot: The overview panel (for messaging and information) and the about box.




While navigating through the tree, on right side of application a selection frame appears. Based on customized settings for this tree node, this could be a grid, a list or some more types of representation. Based on his profile the user has restricted access (menus, toolbar items and popup items) for the selected function.




Edit Window

Each edit window is grouped into logical pages. Each page contains edit fields. Necessary fields has bold labels. The orange button bar is very similar to standard tabs.



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