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TheIDE Run dialog should be made sizeable

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Target version:Release 2017.2 - NTH


As the title says, the Run dialog is tiny and not sizeable. It is hard to introduce any real command line options.

Fix, in ide/Debug.cpp:

void Ide::RunArgs() {
    WithRunLayout<TopWindow> dlg;
    CtrlLayoutOKCancel(dlg, "Run options");

Fix in ide/ide.lay:

LAYOUT(RunLayout, 600, 172)
    ITEM(Label, dv___0, SetLabel(t_("&Program arguments:")).LeftPosZ(4, 112).TopPosZ(4, 19))
    ITEM(WithDropChoice<EditString>, arg, HSizePosZ(120, 8).TopPosZ(4, 19))
    ITEM(Label, dv___2, SetLabel(t_("&Working directory:")).LeftPosZ(4, 112).TopPosZ(28, 19))
    ITEM(EditString, dir, HSizePosZ(120, 8).TopPosZ(28, 19))
    ITEM(Label, stdout_file_lbl, SetLabel(t_("STDOUT file:")).LeftPosZ(4, 112).TopPosZ(52, 19))
    ITEM(WithDropChoice<EditString>, stdout_file, LeftPosZ(120, 472).TopPosZ(52, 19))
    ITEM(Label, dv___6, SetLabel(t_("Standard output:")).LeftPosZ(4, 112).TopPosZ(76, 19))
    ITEM(Switch, runmode, SetLabel(t_("&Standalone\n&Console\n&File")).HSizePosZ(120, 272).TopPosZ(76, 19))
    ITEM(Option, external, SetLabel(t_("&External application")).HSizePosZ(120, 272).TopPosZ(96, 15))
    ITEM(Switch, consolemode, SetLabel(t_("Auto\nAlways\nNever")).HSizePosZ(120, 184).TopPosZ(116, 20))
    ITEM(Button, ok, SetLabel(t_("OK")).RightPosZ(76, 64).BottomPosZ(8, 24))
    ITEM(Button, cancel, SetLabel(t_("Cancel")).RightPosZ(8, 64).BottomPosZ(8, 24))
    ITEM(Label, console_lable, SetLabel(t_("Open console:")).LeftPosZ(4, 112).TopPosZ(116, 20))
    ITEM(Option, utf8, SetLabel(t_("Output is UTF-8")).LeftPosZ(328, 104).TopPosZ(76, 20))

TODO: make the dialog remember its size and position from one open to another.


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Applied for the main upp mainline. Please check that everything is OK. If yes the approve this issue.

For the serialization issue please create new ticket.


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