From 05/22/2016 to 06/20/2016


10:58 PM Bug #1475 (New): Find in current file should work when file is uppdate
It is hard to find in file that is currently updated, because the content is scroll on the top - for example programs... Zbigniew Rebacz
08:19 PM Bug #1474 (Rejected): Unity global menu support
We should be able to support unity global menu. Firstly we need Dbus support. Zbigniew Rebacz
08:18 PM Feature #1473 (New): Dbus support for linux
I think we should wrapp Dbus API. Zbigniew Rebacz


10:40 AM Bug #1472 (Approved): [W]StringBuffer should have standard begin/end (but need to resolve namecla...
Also add size() to all String classes... Miroslav Fidler


05:53 PM Feature #1471 (New): Implement 404 site for uppweb
Well all dead links shouldn't be displayed by apache warning - it should be more verbose for user and redirects.
Zbigniew Rebacz
12:51 PM Bug #1341: Menubar icon bar on Windows is too high due to HiDPI feature
For me it is not longer release - blocker - it looks much better now - so this cosmetic change could be taken into ac... Zbigniew Rebacz


06:38 PM Feature #1444 (Approved): Add support for arm64-v8a
Zbigniew Rebacz
01:43 PM Feature #1470 (New): Highlight deprecated parameters in [[annotation]]
I think it would be nice if code editor can recognizer [[atribute]] parameter and highlight it's keyowrds like deprac... Zbigniew Rebacz


02:24 PM Bug #1469 (New): ToUpper, ToLower, ToAscii should work with UTF8
void ToUpper(char *t, const char *s, int len, byte charset = CHARSET_DEFAULT);
void ToLower(char *t, const char *s, ...
Miroslav Fidler
02:00 PM Feature #1468 (Approved): Fix documetnation for new Core
Miroslav Fidler
08:27 AM Bug #1466 (Approved): ide: Laydes visgen could support ToUpper and THISBACK / function name gener...
Miroslav Fidler


09:32 PM Bug #1456 (Patch ready): Android: Fix CPU_Cores()
Zbigniew Rebacz


08:45 PM Feature #1360 (Approved): Tuple can support Variadic template in c++11
Zbigniew Rebacz
08:44 PM Feature #1447 (Approved): Add better way to adding new file to packages
Zbigniew Rebacz
08:04 PM Feature #1463 (Approved): Add icon for file types
Zbigniew Rebacz


10:29 PM Bug #1464 (New): CtrlLib: Resolve visual glitch with pushed Button released (stays HOT)
Miroslav Fidler
08:30 PM Feature #1463 (Approved): Add icon for file types
In new package file there should be icons for specific file types like layout, cpp files etc. Zbigniew Rebacz
07:52 PM Feature #1462 (New): File Categories should be crated from config file
Now file categories is created in following method "void WorkspaceWork::LoadCategories()". We should replace that by ... Zbigniew Rebacz


12:41 PM Feature #1460 (New): Disable arraty shuold change paper color
I think disable array by default should have different color than white - maybe gray like for other edit controls? Zbigniew Rebacz


02:11 PM Bug #1341: Menubar icon bar on Windows is too high due to HiDPI feature
There is problem with this solution on Windows 7 where menu bar has got additional line. Zbigniew Rebacz

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