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1448TaskRejectedNormalRestore documentation for RGBA and PrimitiveTypes (Deleted in 9809 revision)Zbigniew Rebacz05/21/2016 01:47 PMDocumentationZbigniew Rebacz
1343BugRejectedNormalRectangular selection dosen't work on KDE due to enviroment hotkeyZbigniew Rebacz06/23/2016 08:15 PMGeneralZbigniew Rebacz
1331FeatureRejectedNormalPOSIX source distributions should allow build in multithread modeZbigniew Rebacz11/18/2015 03:01 PMZbigniew Rebacz
1298BugRejectedNormalMisplaced spaces/tabs should be disable for .diff filesZbigniew Rebacz10/23/2015 12:14 AMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
1190FeatureRejectedNormalpost-commit should update version numberZbigniew Rebacz04/09/2016 09:24 PMGeneralZbigniew Rebacz
1139BugRejectedNormalcpp: class range operator should show only static class member such as variables/classesZbigniew Rebacz06/23/2015 08:07 PMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
1030BugRejectedNormal"View as hex" can led to confusionZbigniew Rebacz07/24/2015 02:11 PMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
987FeatureRejectedLowAdd "go_up" & "go_prev" stock iconsZbigniew Rebacz02/20/2015 02:28 PMCtrlLibZbigniew Rebacz
986BugRejectedNormalGTK chameleon should provide support for theming LabelBoxZbigniew Rebacz02/28/2015 10:40 PMCtrlLibZbigniew Rebacz
890BugRejectedNormalr7749 Assist++ possitioning issueZbigniew Rebacz10/04/2014 12:25 PMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
879FeatureRejectedLow[Scrollbar] Scrollbar should have context menuZbigniew Rebacz12/20/2017 09:25 PMCtrlLibZbigniew Rebacz
845TaskRejectedLowGet right of "Wparentheses" warningsZbigniew Rebacz02/16/2015 09:01 PMGeneralZbigniew Rebacz
811FeatureRejectedNormalLocalProcess & AProcess should have "WaitForExit" synchronization methodZbigniew Rebacz07/22/2014 09:05 PMCoreZbigniew Rebacz
778BugRejectedNormalTurtle LeftRepeat dosen't workZbigniew Rebacz09/21/2014 02:24 PMTurtleZbigniew Rebacz
680BugRejectedNormalShould FileSels list use option NoRoundSize()?Zbigniew Rebacz02/10/2014 11:52 PMCtrlLibZbigniew Rebacz
568BugRejectedNormalCtrl::GetDefaultWindowRect on X11 dosen't recognize multi monitor mode.Zbigniew Rebacz11/26/2013 04:08 PMCtrlCoreZbigniew Rebacz
561FeatureRejectedNormalRichTextView should support LeftTriple function when user want to mark whole paragraph fast.Zbigniew Rebacz11/11/2013 02:12 PMCtrlLibZbigniew Rebacz
539BugRejectedLowStandardization of "OK" and "Cancel" buttons position in TheIDEZbigniew Rebacz11/13/2013 12:47 PMIDEZbigniew Rebacz
1856FeatureApprovedNormalAbbreviation for FindFile Zbigniew Rebacz06/28/2018 11:24 AMIDEAbdelghani Omari
74TaskApprovedNormalcreate official GIT repository alongside upp-mirrorZbigniew Rebacz01/25/2017 11:47 PMGeneralKonstantin Hartwich
1872FeatureApprovedNormalide: tpp Search barZbigniew Rebacz05/07/2018 08:08 PMIDEMiroslav Fidler
1654TaskApprovedNormalLinux install process should set C++14 instead of 11 in .bm for the next versionZbigniew Rebacz04/02/2017 08:31 PMGeneralMiroslav Fidler
1108BugApprovedNormalcpp: New bug: clicking/pressing enter on first symbol in assist array dosen't work.Zbigniew Rebacz06/06/2015 11:02 PMMiroslav Fidler
780BugApprovedHighProblem with popupsZbigniew Rebacz09/21/2015 11:48 PMCtrlCoreMiroslav Fidler
731BugApprovedNormalide: Preprocess should use C++ options (otherwise std=c++11 does not work) - GCC builder onlyZbigniew Rebacz05/06/2017 06:52 PMIDEMiroslav Fidler

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