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1949BugApprovedNormalWriteClipboardHTML : the posix version is messingMiroslav Fidler04/16/2019 09:20 PMCtrlCoreAbdelghani Omari
1905FeatureApprovedNormalTheIde/Editor : Add a submenu, diff, between Selected text and Clipboard textMiroslav Fidler09/30/2018 12:06 PMIDEAbdelghani Omari
1904FeatureApprovedNormalLocalProcess : add the capability of setting process working directory Miroslav Fidler09/30/2018 11:13 AMCoreAbdelghani Omari
1858BugApprovedNormalTextCtrl::RemoveSelection shall return false when there is no selectionMiroslav Fidler09/30/2018 10:45 AMCtrlLibAbdelghani Omari
1856FeatureApprovedNormalAbbreviation for FindFile Zbigniew Rebacz06/28/2018 11:24 AMIDEAbdelghani Omari
1855BugApprovedNormalFormatIntAlpha does not always give the right results.Miroslav Fidler04/23/2018 07:45 PMCoreAbdelghani Omari
1854BugApprovedNormalCParser::NoSkipComments() Miroslav Fidler04/23/2018 07:46 PMCoreAbdelghani Omari
1739BugApprovedNormalArrayCtrl: in Multiselect mode, WhenSel is called 5 time each cursor changeMiroslav Fidler10/01/2018 11:07 AMCtrlLibAbdelghani Omari
1732RefactoringRejectedNormalGDB MI2 interface: new implimentation Abdelghani Omari09/20/2018 08:27 AMDebuggerAbdelghani Omari
1731FeatureRejectedNormalGDB - MingGW : Display output of target application in a separate consoleZbigniew Rebacz06/18/2017 03:29 PMDebuggerAbdelghani Omari
1725RefactoringRejectedNormalusc extension is used for Macro file and for designerModule fileMiroslav Fidler06/17/2017 10:03 PMIDEAbdelghani Omari
1724BugApprovedNormalLocalProcess portability issue: LocalProcess::Read2 can not return more than 1024B on PLATFORM_WIN but it can on POSIXAbdelghani Omari05/22/2017 12:01 AMCoreAbdelghani Omari
1723BugApprovedNormalIde::IdePaste(String& data) shall be reviewed, it stop when file size reache 5000000 B without warningMiroslav Fidler05/17/2017 05:07 PMIDEAbdelghani Omari
1716BugRejectedNormalCParser:: IsId(const char*) && Id(const char*) does not check for valid C idMiroslav Fidler05/17/2017 01:28 PMCoreAbdelghani Omari
1706FeatureApprovedNormalTextDiffCtrl: Add Find in the FileListMiroslav Fidler05/11/2017 03:01 PMIDEAbdelghani Omari
1699FeatureApprovedNormalAdd "Close right tabs" menu to TabBarMiroslav Fidler05/11/2017 09:09 PMTabBarAbdelghani Omari
1697FeatureApprovedNormalDisplay (Line, Column) : Add Selection length => Display (Line, Col, Sel) Iñaki Zabala05/01/2017 11:53 AMIDEAbdelghani Omari
1696FeatureApprovedNormalplugin/Zip/UnZip: interface simplification & a little optimisationMiroslav Fidler05/14/2017 03:08 PMGeneralAbdelghani Omari
1689FeatureApprovedLowAdd LZ4 compression to brc fileMiroslav Fidler05/01/2017 11:26 AMIDEAbdelghani Omari
1681FeatureApprovedNormalCodeEditor: HighlightOutput::Put, need another overloadMiroslav Fidler04/16/2017 08:23 PMCodeEditorAbdelghani Omari
1680FeatureApprovedNormalTextDiffCtrl: Add filter by file status Updated/Added/RemovedMiroslav Fidler04/16/2017 08:22 PMCtrlLibAbdelghani Omari
1679BugApprovedNormalCodeEditor/Highlight does not undeline the last character for each line.Miroslav Fidler04/19/2017 08:52 PMCodeEditorAbdelghani Omari


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