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U++03/20/2011Daniel KosDevelopmentFeature #30: GridCtrl should depend on Sql when GRIDSQL flag present0.50
U++03/08/2017Amrein-Marie ChristopheDevelopmentTask #1654: Linux install process should set C++14 instead of 11 in .bm for the next version1.00
U++02/22/2011Tomas RylekDevelopmentBug #8: Web: Refactor Socket error handling1.00
U++06/27/2020Iñaki ZabalaDevelopmentFeature #2046: TabBar: Added features and fixesMore fixes in TabBar. Solved a warning in FileTabs2.00
U++10/19/2011Iñaki ZabalaDevelopmentBug #125: Check TCCSolved problem in Linux2.00
U++07/22/2011Miroslav FidlerDevelopmentBug #85: FB: Full windows dragging should be optional, with possible option to use DrawDragRect2.00
U++07/22/2011Miroslav FidlerDevelopmentFeature #78: FB: Implement D&D3.00


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