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Rational: A rational number based on an arbitrary precision integer


class Rational : public Moveable<Rational


A rational number based on an arbitrary precision integer type based on intInf.

Arbitrary precision means that the type is never out of bounds.

A rational number means that it is a fraction of a numerator and denominator.

The goal of this focus is to allow to handle almost infinite precision lossless floating numbers

This feature comes with a huge performance penalty.


Constructor Detail



Class default constructor.



Rational(const Rational& v)

Copy constructor based on v..



template <typename TRational(T v)

Constructor based in v..



template <typename TRational(T n, T d)

Constructor based in numerator n and denominator d..



Rational(double n, double d)

Constructor based on double numerator n and denominator d.


Public Member List


Rational operator-() const

MInus sign.



bool operator<(const Rational& rightconst

Logical lower than Rational right operator.



template <typename Tbool operator<(const T& rightconst

Logical lower than right operator.



bool operator>(const Rational& rightconst

Logical upper than  right operator.



template <typename Tbool operator>(const T& rightconst

Logical upper than right operator.



template <typename Tconst Rational& operator=(T v)

Assignment operator from v.



const Rational& operator=(double d)

Assignment operator from  d.



void operator++()

Operator increment



void operator--()

Operator decrement



void operator+=(const Rational& right)

Operator increment with right.



void operator-=(const Rational& right)

Operator decrement with right.



void operator*=(const Rational& right)

Operator multiply by right.



void operator/=(const Rational& right)

Operator divide between right.



bool operator==(Rational& rightconst

Logical operator equal to right.



template <typename Tbool operator==(T rightconst

Logical operator equal to  right.



bool operator!=(Rational& rightconst

Logical operator different to  right .



template <typename Tbool operator!=(T rightconst

Logical operator different to  right .



template <typename Toperator T()

Operator cast.



operator double()

Operator cast to double



Rational Simplify(bool full = false)

Simplify fraction. If full is set, it simplifies using all possible values.

This operation may be very slow



String ToString() const

Conversion to String.


Public Member List


Rational abs(const Rational &v)

Gets absolute value of v



Rational pow(const Rational &v, int e)

Gets rational v raised to integer e.



Rational sqrt(const Rational &v)

Approximate square root v.



String FormatRational(const Rational &d, int numDec)

Gets an String of rational d. numDec .indicates the floating point number of decimals. If numDec is Null, String is shown as a fraction.



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