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Tcc is a wrapper for Tiny C Compiler.



About Tcc package


Tcc wrapper is based mainly in the TCC dynamic code generation characteristics. This feature lets to compile, link and run a C program in memory so that C language can be used as an scripting language. However it is also possible to get the program in a file to be run later from a terminal.


If running in memory

As many functions as necessary in the Tcc C script can be called from the main program. Because of it there is no need for any "main()" function.


All static and global variables will be lost between function calls. All durable storage has to be located in the main program.


If compiling to a file

The file is a standalone native program so it requires a main() function with command line arguments if necessary.


Tcc uses exceptions so any compiling problem can be caught from the main program.


Tcc sample reference is included here.

Tcc implementation details are included here.

Tcc class reference is included here.


Tcc wrapper is done by Koldo and has BSD license as Ultimate++ project.



About TCC


Tiny C Compiler (TCC) is an x86 C compiler created by Fabrice Bellard. TCC is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).


TCC main features are:

Small: DLL size is 200Kb

Fast: It compiles much faster than GCC or MSC (however code is slower)

It can be used as a backend for dynamic code generation


TCC homepage is here.


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