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1. Introduction


A goal in the design of these functions has been to avoid accessing external software not included internally in the OS by default.

Windows implementation use internal DLL and wmi.

Posix implementation uses X11 libraries, XTest and OS related utilities like mount and xdg.


Another goal is to provide the running program information about the environment including hardware and software to adapt itself after program compiling. This way for example a program compiled in Ubuntu can run properly in Fedora without recompiling.



2. Compiler support and Requirements


SysInfo has been tested in 32 and 64 bits in Linux using GCC and in Windows using MinGW and MSC.



IMPORTANT: To compile it in Linux it is necessary to include package XTest. In Ubuntu the aptitude package name is libxtst-dev so in case of problems in Ubuntu go to terminal and run this:


sudo apt-get install libxtst-dev



In any case to avoid compiling problems the flag set by default is NO_XTEST that avoids the using of fake mouse and keyboard functions. After installing package XTest, NO_XTEST can be removed to use all functions.



To have CPU temperature it is necessary to install acpi or lm-sensors.


sudo apt-get install acpi or

sudo apt-get install lm-sensors



IMPORTANT: To compile it in Windows using MinGW you will probably need to get files rpcsal.h, wbemcli.h, wbemprov.h and wbemuuid.lib. Maybe you will need to delete existing file libwbemuuid.a, as it possibly does not contain CLSID_WbemAdministrativeLocator.



3. OS and Desktop implementation


See here.


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