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Bazaar support

If you are using a Bazaar package and you have found problems, bugs or you need new features, just follow these instructions.



1. Check the Forum


Perhaps anybody has been in your situation before. Because of it the first thing to do is review the Forum.


So use your favorite browser or the "Search on this site" field in Upp web page to look for posts that could solve your problem or answer your question.




2. Bugs Report


To submit bug reports just post the problem to Forum/Bazaar.


It is strongly advised to include simple sample code of the bug so it will be easily reproduced by the package author. This advice can be the difference between a fast solved problem or one forgotten.


Remove from your posts any archive or file that have a new replacement in your new post: you will avoid misunderstandings and help keeping storage space usage low.



3. Package Help


You feel the package has certain feature but you are unable to get it to work. Do not get crazy and post to Forum/Bazaar to ask for help. As usual please be as simple as possible to describe what yo want to get.



4. Feature Requests


And why do not this package could do this or that ?


Package authors are always very busy but they are open to hear you.


So do not be shy and convince the authors that this new feature is important for you and the community. Perhaps you could be part of this improvement and may help more than you could expect !



5. Code Submission


If you go further and you have found the way to solve a problem or a new feature by yourself... thank you !.


To submit it is very simple: If the code fragment is small you can post it to Forum/Bazaar directly. If the code is more complex you would have to send to the Forum a "patch" file with the changes in original package files.


To get this "patch" file you can use TheIDE feature in menu "Project/Compare with file" and "Project/Patch-Diff".


If the code to submit is bigger or you feel more comfortable you can pack the files in a .zip file.


When you post a patch (no matter the file format) please make sure you have your real name in the personal information. It would save the package author one personal message as we want to have all contributors listed in Authors & License.


Do you want to contribute?