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Cookie Prize

Cookie prize rewards yearly an U++ project contributor who have distinguished for her/his involvement. S/He has been helpful to the community kindly answering questions, supporting the newbies and giving good new ideas.

In addition s/he have gone further and have got into action launching her/his ideas. Because of it s/he have spent many hours of her/his time offering her/his colleagues useful new tools.

The idea of a "cookie" as a prize came from our GSoC 2010 application. If we would got it it would be as a big chocolate cake gift for all of us. As we did not get it a consolation prize would be like a cookie :-), without economical stipend but with a gift as a reward and all community appreciation.

This gift is a gesture contributed anonymously and chosen arbitrarily, not having any relationship with the manufacturer of the product delivered.

During prize voting period all U++ Forum users can vote to two different candidates through a PM. U++ main authors, Cookie Prize organization and last year winner can vote but are excluded as candidates.





After a long delay the shipment has been delivered with a Rioja wine box.


Unfortunately this year there has been too few votes so the prize will not be awarded. However we will do an exception and the prize will be for Mirek.


Cookie Prize 2012 is announced. End date is March 30th.

Do not wait to the last date to give your vote!


This year gift has been delivered. A 20 years old Malaga Virgen 1885 Brandy.

For new year prize gift ideas are acknowledged ;-).


After a close vote dolik.rce has been this year winner. Congratulations Honza!


Cookie Prize 2011 is announced. This year all U++ Forum users can vote.

Send your vote (the person you want deserves to win) through a PM.

Prize not yet decided but this year it will be open to a wider audience (^_^).


First Cookie prize has been won by dolik.rce.because of his efforts launching LaunchPad for U++. This year gift has been a Prince Hubert de Polignac XO Royal Cognac bottle. The award was presented on 2010/03/23 IRC meeting.


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