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Tutoring Plan. Tutors page


Advantages of being a Tutor


If you think you could give support during a couple of weeks to somebody that wants to enter in U++ world you can be a tutor.


A tutor can reduce the fear of somebody to enter in U++ Community, inviting her/him to use the documentation and Forum properly, pushing her/him to interact with the Community and giving her/him shield in case (very rare) of any possibility of flame over her/him.


Advantages of this are to be useful and respected by the Community and to be trained to be a Mentor if next year we get into Google Summer of Code.



How to join


To join in U++ Tutoring Plan as Tutor send an email to upp-tutoring-plan@googlegroups.com including the next information:


Experience in U++ architecture and code.

If you usually contribute in Forum or Bazaar this explanation would not be necessary.


If your name will be published or you prefer to be anonymous (but to the tutors and tutored person :-))


Level of the person to be tutored:

In U++

In C/C++


Interests of the person to be tutored:





Mentoring timetable and available hours per week



Your proposal will be reviewed by U++ tutors and main developers.


When approved you will get an invitation to upp-tutoring-plan in Google groups. You will need a Google account.



I am a Tutor. What to do next?


Applicants will send an email to upp-tutoring-plan@googlegroups.com. You can periodically check this for emails.


All applicants has to be answered. If no tutor is immediately available, the answer will be the next available tutoring date. Tutors have an applicants list to follow this properly.


If you are available and the user skills and needs match with your abilities, you can answer her/him and let the rest of tutors know that you will be the tutor of that person.


And the tutoring begins...



How to tutor


We have prepared a manual for you.


Do you want to contribute?