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2042BugApprovedNormalCore: Fix build for uppsrc/Core/Cpu.cpp on FreeBSD (after 14570 revision)Miroslav Fidler06/22/2020 08:38 AMCoreSender Ghost
2040BugApprovedNormalCodeEditor: Slow with long linesMiroslav Fidler06/05/2020 11:53 AMIDEMiroslav Fidler
2036BugApprovedNormalCodeEditor: Last letter of "False" in python is not correctly highlightedMiroslav Fidler06/05/2020 01:46 PMIDEMiroslav Fidler
2035BugApprovedHighCore: Fix build of uppsrc/Core/Cpu.cpp for Clang compilers before 3.8.0 versionSender Ghost05/22/2020 08:42 PMCoreSender Ghost
2034BugApprovedNormalactive main.conf should add some flag to config05/10/2020 07:05 PMMiroslav Fidler
2031BugRejectedNormalRaspbian block selection issueMiroslav Fidler05/11/2020 09:06 AMIDEMiroslav Fidler
2021BugApprovedNormalCode eidtor bar should be more dark theme friendly03/18/2020 06:48 PMCodeEditorZbigniew Rebacz
2020BugApprovedNormalFix placeholder dark them issue03/18/2020 06:48 PMCtrlLibZbigniew Rebacz
2018BugRejectedNormalide: After inserting Assist, cursor is wrongly placed after second parenthesisMiroslav Fidler02/18/2020 11:12 AMIDEMiroslav Fidler
2017BugRejectedNormalide: After Alt+J, Alt-Left goes to the start of line before going back02/18/2020 11:12 AMMiroslav Fidler
2016BugApprovedNormalide: Ctrl+B on text file misbehavesMiroslav Fidler02/18/2020 11:27 AMIDEMiroslav Fidler
2015BugApprovedNormalide: Tab II and III do not jump to the codeMiroslav Fidler02/15/2020 06:50 PMIDEMiroslav Fidler
2014BugApprovedNormalInvoking fixed color in IconDes resets hotspotMiroslav Fidler02/12/2020 11:06 AMIDEMiroslav Fidler
2013BugApprovedNormalMacOS menu texts should remove '&'Miroslav Fidler02/12/2020 03:22 PMMac OS XMiroslav Fidler
2011BugRejectedNormalOSX: Check DrawRect rounding02/15/2020 06:50 PMMac OS XMiroslav Fidler
2010BugApprovedNormalCtrlCore: Popup click outside does not close DropList01/27/2020 03:47 PMMiroslav Fidler
2009BugRejectedNormalIconDes problem with Text01/27/2020 04:04 PMMiroslav Fidler
2006BugApprovedNormalWin32 shutdown seems crashing01/14/2020 10:39 AMMiroslav Fidler
2004BugApprovedNormalide: Problem with "note:" being red because there is "error" in the identifier01/22/2020 02:09 PMMiroslav Fidler
2002BugApprovedHighFileSel hangs on macOS when user doesn't grant permission to read directoryMiroslav Fidler01/28/2020 04:25 PMCtrlLibZbigniew Rebacz
2001BugApprovedNormalUbuntu does not support libpng12 anymore...01/21/2020 11:41 AMMiroslav Fidler
2000BugApprovedNormalRichEdit / tpp issues05/12/2020 10:26 AMMiroslav Fidler
1997BugApprovedNormalSql schema: Column renaming01/30/2020 04:26 PMMiroslav Fidler
1996BugApprovedNormalSql: Escape ?12/06/2019 07:36 AMMiroslav Fidler
1995BugRejectedNormalDraw: The xcb library dependency is not required for uppsrc/Draw package on FreeBSDMiroslav Fidler01/19/2020 04:16 PMDrawSender Ghost

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