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Bug reports and patch submission

Reporting bugs

If you feel that something does not work as it should, the most effective way how to proceed is to post a message in the forum. The usual ethics apply here the same way as on most of the forums all over the Internet: Before posting, check if the problem isn't already reported. Please, make sure that you are posting in the correct forum section. If you experience a problem with the library, make sure to post in U++ Library support. Problems with TheIDE should be reported to U++ TheIDE. Note that some sections have sticky posts, please read them before posting, they usually contain important information.

You should always provide the information about your system, as it often helps when reproducing your problem. Usually writing down the version of U++, your operating system and compiler are enough. If the problem is TheIDE related, include also the version of TheIDE - it can be found in the About-box (Assist > About ...). In some special cases we might ask for more details if it is necessary.

Also, please DO NOT post bugs to Bugs (& fixes) forum directly. Use the category best describing your problem, they will be moved later if necessary.

Whenever possible, please add a simple piece of code (a "test case") that demonstrates the problem which you report. When the developers know how to reproduce the problem, there is a much higher probability that fix will be released soon. In simple words, problem reproduced is usually a problem solved. If the test case is single file only, just paste the code into the forum post. If it is more complex, you can use .zip attachment.

One picture is worth a thousand words, as the old saying goes. If you experience any kind of rendering problems, including a screenshot helps very much and saves you some typing.

Submitting patches

If you find a bug and you also happen to be capable of solving it, we would be very thankful if you post your solution. The same also applies if you find a solution to the bug reported by someone else.

If the patch changes only a small part of the code, the preferred method is to post only changed functions or classes in the post text. To make it easier for people reviewing the patch, you should also write in which files the changed code resides. If there are more files affected, the best is to simply post all changed files in .zip as attachment.

You can generate *.diff or *.patch file by only using Git. Please notice, that firstly you need to checkout repository. More information about whole process you can find inGitHub.ERROR: Unmatched ']'.

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